19 Chapter 19 (Slight R-18)

"Master, first let me put all these things in the closet"

Roxanne said while putting the backpack on the table.

"And then while there is still some sunlight I will do some maintenance. So please bring out the equipment"


I know she is very serious about maintaining the weapons and there is really no need to hurry. Yep I am getting a bit impatient, we have the whole night ahead of us.

"Okay we will do that"

Roxanne started putting the clothes inside the closet. I also start by bringing out the copper sword which was never used, the iron sword which I generally keep on me, the scimitar which I bought just today for Roxanne.

Most slaves are not allowed to touch the equipment, even before heading to the labyrinth the owners are supposed to hand them the equipment and after coming back the slaves must hand the equipment back to the owner.

The same thing is with money, slaves aren't supposed to keep any on their person. Everything they have belongs to the owner. Here slavery is very deeply rooted, this is all common sense here.

Just like today if I didn't force her, Roxanne would have sat down on the floor. The right approach here is to teach her with time, because what is right for me isn't necessarily right in her mind. Modern thoughts are often seen as heresy in medieval times.

"Master, do you have any used underwear or clothes that can be used as a rag cloth?"

"No I do not"

Sitting on my bed, I look at her with a playful smirk. But in my defense before today's shopping I only owned one underwear which I am wearing right now, so I didn't lie.

"Err …"

Roxanne looks down in hesitation.


I ask her patiently.

"Since you bought me some underwear I want to use the one I am wearing as scrap cloth for equipment maintenance"

"Yes that should be okay"

"...T-then well, if you'll excuse me"

Roxanne takes off her trousers and I watch her strip unblinkingly. She turns around and now I can see part of her cute bottom and a tail.

The fluffy tail is of the same chestnut color as her hair. I will surely touch it later. But sadly the show stops as soon as it starts and Roxanne already finishes changing her clothes.

Well it's fine, I rate this teaser 5 stars.

Once Roxanne sits on the chair, her expression turns serious. She dabs the cloth with some oil and starts polishing the equipment with full concentration.

"If you'll maintain them like this then you will keep them just as new"

"How often does it need to be maintained"

"Daily maintenance will make the user feel comfortable and then they can fight at their best"

So this is sort of like a ritual for warriors. I watch her work while going through future plans in my mind. Even her serious face is beautiful.

After a while as the sun was almost set, she finished with her work and gave the equipment back to me. After I put them into the backpack, I fill the lantern with the oil I bought, so that it can burn for a long time. I put it on the table and then light it. Then I pull the tub to the center of the room.

Now that the mood is set I calmly but boldly take my shirt off,

"Would you wash my back?"

Same question but this time with a bit of heat in it, without waiting for a reply I take my trunks off and get naked.

"Yes Master"

I sat down on the floor and Roxanne started wiping my back with a towel. She's a bit hesitant but she is washing my back.

What's wrong in being naked, that's how we were all born in the world, that's how god created us! Well apparently when I am embarrassed my mind starts having weird thoughts.

"Can you use this?"

I turned around and gave her the bag of koichi fruit which I had kept on the side.

"I don't think that is used in washing your body, usually you just wipe your body with warm water"

She must have definitely seen it now, but there was no big reaction. In my mind I curse the original Michio and his body. I was hard already from a while ago but I still control myself.

"Hmm is that so"

She wipes the front while trying to keep her eyes straight. The towel grazes my tool for a bit, I was afraid that it would discharge suddenly but I held on.

"We're almost done washing your body"

I use the towel to dry myself and wear back my pumpkin pants.

"Then Roxanne you are next"

I tell her casually in a calm voice, as if it was normal. We are just taking turns.


She answers in a whisper. I watch her as she takes the tunic off her body. Her boobs bounce violently celebrating their new found freedom. They look so soft, but before I can see more she turns her back towards me.

That's no use, as they are so big that she can't completely hide them. I can see them spill at the sides from behind. This also has its own charm.

"Umm, I am from the Wolfkin tribe so I may be a bit hairy. I am sorry."

Saying that she removes her trousers and underwear. In the dim light of the lantern Roxanne's fantastic body is revealed.


I already knew that.

"Actually my back …"

I caressed the short fur on her back with my right hand which wasn't holding the towel. Very short and very soft, they start not from her hair but from her neck and go to the lower back, where her tail starts. I can even see her naked bottom where there is no fur, it looks silky smooth and delicious.

"It's soft and fluffy, I love it"

"T-thank you"

I wash the fur with the towel from top to bottom following her body lines.

"E-err, for Master to wash me … "

"This is an enjoyment for me, and it's faster this way"

Peering through her back I can see a pair of huge mountains on her chest. Holy summit, which quakes as I wash.

I press on her back and feel the fur react gently to my touch. With one hand on her waist, I position my towel underneath the sacred mountains ready to worship them.




I touched them! I finally touched them!

Roxanne looked like she wanted to say something but in the end she kept quiet. These destructive projectile weapons bounce back in reaction to my attack.

The soft feeling that even comes through the hand towel, the crazy softness. They are still so flexible, with only light pressure i can feel the slight weight of being buried. I carefully polish them, slowly, diligently, there is no part that is overlooked.

I can't be satisfied with just my hand, so much volume that they can't fit in my palms. A pleasant touch similar to a marshmallow or water balloon.

At this point I am fully hugging her with one hand. Her tolerance, her warmth is being conveyed, this is Roxanne.


I whisper softly in her ears.

I want to continue doing this but there are still so many dishes to taste, I shouldn't spend so much time on one. I finally release her.

"Can I wipe your tail too?"

"Yes, Ah no I can do it myself"

"It's okay let me"

I wipe Roxannes's tail, it feels like a big bundle of fur just like the tip of a brush.

"Can you move your tail?"

"Yes but it's difficult"

While saying that, she takes a position on all fours in front of me and shakes her ass, and her tail swings side by side.

I stare at the swaying hips, hypnotized by them. This is the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed.

"Also when I am happy, I unconsciously wag my tail"

The show is over but I still stare there for a second as if that moment got frozen in time for me.

"I see. Then I will be sure to make Roxanne's tail move as much as possible"

I whisper into her drooping ears.

"Y-yes … Err, please treat me well"

Ah her tail wagged a bit.

After that I wiped her lovely bum and her graceful feet. I was making sure not to touch her down there just yet, I want to make her even more comfortable with me.

"Well then let's do an experiment"


"Yeah, crouch on your bed and put your head out this way"

I move the chair at the edge of the bed and put the tub of hot water on it. The tub is still a bit higher than the bed, it will be a bit difficult holding your head up. Roxanne gets on the bed, hiding her privates with the blanket.

"Now gently set your head on the edge of the tub"

"Is this okay?"

Well seeing Roxanne like this with her head on the edge of the bed, did feel my head with an interesting image, but right now I am trying to wash her hair. Still it's a shame that her boobs are covered.

I scoop hot water and pour it over her head as she holds her head over the tub. I massage and wash her hair with my bare fingers. I pour hot water multiple times, on her hair, on her ears and carefully wash them.

With just one blanket the lines and swelling of her body are clear, especially her breasts. Seeing her cover herself in embarrassment is also fun.

"Now then lift your head"

I put a dry towel over her head and dry her head with some pressure and somewhat rough strokes.

"Thank you very much"

"Right with the two of us we can wash over hair"

"Shall I wash Master's hair?"

"Yes please"

We change places.

"Should I change the tub"

"No its okay, the other one can be used to wash our socks and underwear"

I put my head in the tub and had it washed. My hair is massaged and washed by Roxanne, this feels so much better than the salons. After a while I get up and feel refreshed. I am being dried by a towel, I open my eyes and am greeted with paradise.

I can see them in all of their glory. Roxanne who is only wearing her pumpkin pants has both her arms stretched over my head, by doing so her breasts were totally defenseless.

They look so white and big, I can even see the areola which is a darker shade and her pink nipples, which look so enticing.

"Then I will do laundry"

Roxanne must have realized my gaze as she immediately moved away. Roxanne move the chair and tub aside. I remove my underwear and give it to her, I then wear the newly purchased ones.

She squats beside the tub half naked and is washing my underwear. While doing so her breasts shake with her movement, amazing!

"Is Koichi fruit only used for expensive clothes?"

"Yes or mostly cloaks and outer garments. If we used it to wash undergarments and such they will wear out in no time"


"This is somehow amazing"

Roxanne is fixated on the elastic band. She is pulling it with her hand and looks like she is having fun. After a while Roxanne puts the laundry to air out.

Is all the work finally done?

"Well I will put the clothes on"

Roxanne took out her maid uniform. Before she can wear it, I stand up and take her hand.

"I don't think you will need any clothes, Roxanne"

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