14 Chapter 14

Feeling a bit embarrassed, I pick up the tea cup and sip the tea to calm myself down. I don't want to jump the gun or seeing my eagerness he might increase the price.

Seriously though I had pictured this interaction already in my mind. And I thought I would remain calm and leave a good first impression on her, but my brain just blanked out the moment I saw her. It was a 1-hit K.O.

Even right now if I close my eyes I can see her smiling at me. I have been totally bewitched.

"That girl is also a slave up for sale in this establishment. She is a slave I highly recommend to you Michio-san"

"Well I have been adventuring solo for a while now, so I was thinking of starting a party"

This world revolves around labyrinths. And as labyrinths are pretty dangerous people tend to party up together. Here through the party organization spell, you can assign 5 more people to your party, so that you can share your exp with them while hunting monsters. So a 6 member party is the limit.

Inside the labyrinth disputes regarding treasures are also common, backstabbing and murder are pretty common too. But if you have a party made up of your slaves then whatever you get it's yours alone.

And slaves are highly dependent on their masters, if they steal from you or kill you and run away they will be labeled as thieves and hunted down.

"She is a Beast Warrior, so she would be useful in your party immediately. It will be perfect for you Michio"

"Well Beast Warriors are powerful"

"You have never bought a slave?"


"She is a virgin and has agreed to be a sex slave, so she will be the best first slave for you"

That man really knows how to sell it. Now I can't stop imagining the different things I would do with Roxanne.

"Does being a sex slave and a virgin increase the price?"

"Most of the young females have agreed to be a sex slave, as even if they don't the things they have to do won't change so there is really no difference in price"

So the Master can just force her, well she is a slave so it's to be expected. But there are clever slaves who can take advantage of their master, so if she has consented to being a sex slave the master will have less worries.

"For a virgin, there is no worry about illness, so it does increase the price"

It's so weird to hear that STD's are still a thing even in a magical world. Maybe there are even magical diseases here, well that's a scary thought.

"She is a Demi-wolf, so she will appear young even in her 50's"

That is another weird setting of this world, that every race has the same lifespan even elves. They just look young even if they get old.

"And you also won't have to worry about having children with her"

Yes cross-breeding isn't a thing here and now my head is filled with creampie images.

"Additionally she speaks Brahim. These are all the reasons why I recommend her to you"

Well you didn't have to 'recommend' her to me at all. The bounciness alone had me convinced.

I know that slavery isn't a good thing but I am not gonna be like those idiot protagonists who will go against the slavery system and try to abolish it. Even the mother of dragons couldn't do it, so I shouldn't even try.

Like the most fundamental problem here is that slavery is tied to the justice system as seen in the village, so it may take years to replace this kind of established and rooted system.

And I have seen Rising of the Shield Hero, so I know that having a party full of slaves is the safest option for me especially when I am this weak.

Before saying anything further, I change Purchase Negotiation (35% increase) to Discount Negotiation (35% discount).

"So is she very expensive?"

Ughhh I was able to postpone this question for so long I would say good job to myself.

Even after my oscar winning performance, seeing the Slave Merchant's smile made me think that he had already seen through me.

"The market price is about 600,000 nars. If I include the clothes and because I recommend her, I will sell her to you for 392,600 nars"

The Slave Merchant says with enthusiasm.

From 60 to 39 gold coins, congratulations Mr. Slave Merchant you are the first victim of my 35% discount skill.

I have 1 platinum coin from the level up system reward for the Hero job, which is like 100 gold coins so I don't have to wait anymore and can just purchase her right away.

"I am buying her"

I say it a bit too loudly. I guess I can't contain my excitement any longer. I take out my only platinum coin from the drawstring bag and give it to him.


The Slave Merchant smiles widely after taking the Platinum coin. He claps and an old lady in maid uniform comes in.

"Have the girl from before prepare, this young man has agreed to buy her"


The old lady bows and then leaves.

"Please wait here a moment, I will bring the remaining money for you"

Saying that he goes out of the room.

Now that I taste it, the tea is really good. Roxanne must have prepared it. I just can't stop thinking about her. My whole body is trembling in excitement, it's just like when I was kid and was waiting for my Christmas present.

My thoughts wander towards the og Michio and how he had to struggle for 10 days before he could get the required sum. And I don't know why he always used 30% discount or 30% increase instead of 35%, like it costs the same as Durandal so he should have been able to. He could have even saved 3 whole gold coins.

"Here, please check it"

Alan returns with a plate filled with gold coins. I take it from him and count them carefully. Yes, there are exactly 60 gold and 74 silver coins. I have so many coins now, especially silver and copper. I will have to take some time and organize everything properly later.

"So you mentioned forming a party Michio-san. What other requirements do you have for the party members?"

The Merchant is trying to sell me more slaves, he must have realized by that platinum coin that I am loaded. But in this case it does work in my favour.

"Well first and foremost I will only have capable and beautiful women in my party"

"That is understandable"

"Like I was thinking of having a Female Dwarf in my party, it would be best if she was a Master Smith"

"Master Smith, well that is very hard to find. And sadly we don't have any Female Dwarves in this establishment right now"

"A pity"

I knew it, there is still time before Sherry is converted to a Slave.

"Why don't you come back after some days and I will see if I can find the merchandise for you. If I won't be able to find anyone, then I will give you a recommendation letter to another city's Slave Merchant"

"Alright I will do that"

Just then there is a knock on the door

"Excuse me"

The old lady enters with Roxanne. I just saw her but still seeing her the second time is still as impactful as the last time. She is so beautiful, it's as if the whole room brightens with her entrance.

She was hiding behind the old lady. After the old lady encourages her she comes forward in front of me and bows.

I can see the bounciness again, and this time she is not wearing a Hat so I can see her dog ears clearly. They are very large and flop down like the ears of a golden retriever. If you don't pay attention to them then they blend well with her hair.

She is wearing a light green tunic and trousers, there is a tail hiding behind her too.

But those aren't the 2 things that my eyes are glued to. In this new tunic I can see her deep cleavage, her massive breasts look even more impressive in this.

Well I think she will look beautiful in any clothes. After bowing she just watches me with her amber eyes, our eyes lock and I see that they look like ruby jewels.

"Well then let's perform the contract"

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