173 173 The invader under the table

The ability [Holy Milk] works regardless of age. As long as it is a woman, he can suck out this special holy milk. Therefore, even if Rinka-chan is only a twelve-year-old primary school student or an immature little loli, he can still suck it out he holy milk.

But then again, it's not considered immature, right? Although Rinka-chan is still just a primary school student, let alone the psychological aspect, Japanese girls are already precocious, and they have also developed a lot physically.

At least the breasts are bulging, not flat, and the traces of growth can be seen faintly on the body. The charming and gorgeous feeling between the eyebrows is a bit obvious. He wonder if it is because of her heart.

'In short, the more you look at it, the more feminine it becomes?

Don't think too much. Don't think too much.'

Mu Xiaoxiao shook his head crazily, looked away, and continued teasing and joking with Mrs. Natsumi and the others. He threw the thought of sucking the holy milk of Okino Rinka into the back of hia mind. Compared to such a poor little lolita, this beautiful wife was more flavor and delicious.

After thinking about it, he couldn't hold himself back any longer. Although he was still eating and chatting on the surface, his feet quietly reached under the table and found the right place to touch the little feet and legs wrapped in stockings.

The latter paused for a moment, then remained motionless as if she didn't notice and feel anything. Mu Xiaoxiao found it interesting. Based on the touch of the stockings, there was no doubt that she was Mrs. Natsumi. With his current strength, it was impossible to make a mistake.

The two feet continued to slide and rub on it, and even kept going up. The legs that were motionless and pretended not to care finally reacted and wanted to escape, but there was no room to escape.

She wanted to get the bad feet off her legs, but she was not as strong as Mu Xiaoxiao. In the end, she could only be half push and let the other feet spread up her thigh.

The plump and round thighs are full of elasticity. When Mu Xiaoxiao's feet rub against her, he can clearly feel the other person's arousal.

"Tomorrow is a weekend, so I can have a good two days' rest. Is there anywhere you want to go?" Speaking of tomorrow's weekend, Obata Yui seemed very happy, "Our women's basketball team has no activities, so we have a lot of free time."

"I'm free to do whatever I want. I can stay at home or go out for fun. There's no place I want to go." Kisaragi Anna took a sip of water and glanced at Mu Xiaoxiao, "Of course, the premise is that I'm with Xiaoxiao~"

"Everyone has free time, even if we stays at home... he can do lewd things to us all, hehe, what do you think, Xiaoxiao?"

"I have to go to Tsubakihara's house tomorrow and I don't have time to accompany you." Mu Xiaoxiao was rumbling under the table. The table was in harmony and no one noticed anything unusual. He took the opportunity to look towards Obata Natsumi.

The beautiful wife was engrossed in eating. She didn't seem to hear their conversation, nor did she notice anything unusual under the table. As if everything in sorroundings had nothing to do with her like a fairy on mortal world, Mu Xiaoxiao could only sigh, 'Madam, you are so good at pretending.'

The next second, the feet under the table penetrated the sensitive inner thighs of the wife, directly hitting the secret garden inside. When the toes crossed the bottom of the skirt and touched the tender part inside, the latter finally couldn't bear it anymore and gave a fierce tremor.

Mu Xiaoxiao clearly saw that Mrs. Natsumi almost threw out the chopsticks in her hand, not to mention her face turned red.

"Mom, what's wrong with you?"

No one else noticed, but Obata Yui noticed something strange about her mother.

"It's nothing." Nowadays, they are considered an old couple, and there is nothing embarrassing even if she admit it, but the wife still covered it up and gave Mu Xiaoxiao an angry look.

That little look contained a hint of resentment and shame.

"You can go play by yourself tomorrow, or you can stay at home," Mu Xiaoxiao pretended not to see her resentful eyes and said seriously, while his feet under the table continued to move, "But I will definitely fill you up tonight, don't worry."

"What about filling up something? There are children here, Xiaoxiao, don't say it so bluntly," Serizawa Yukiha said in a low voice, covering her face.

"Xiaoxiao has always been so straightforward. Is there anything he doesn't dare to do... hmm~"

Obata Natsumi said with a groan, her face flushed a little deeper, her eyes full of resentful mist, and an emotional blur. 'This bad boy is really not afraid of being discovered by Yui and the others.

Those damn toes are still stuck underneath... Really' when Mrs. Natsumi thought of this, she lowered her head and her chest heaved a little. She blamed herself for not being able to control it. She was just pressed and rubbed a few times by him but her body is already excited and want to be filled.

She knew that she had fallen under Mu Xiaoxiao's strength. Not to mention such teasing, she was afraid that if he glanced at her with hints, she would have faint feelings, and she would not be able to refuse his favor.

As she said before, everything from the inside to the outside, from soul to body, is his property.

By the time Obata Natsumi came to her senses, her private garden and the parts that were touched and massaged were already wet, including the small piece of cloth inside, which there was a large piece of wet.

Mu Xiaoxiao met her eyes and expressed this meaning. The latter could not refute, but could only look at him with the eyes of a deep-tempered woman. Then she didn't care so much, put her legs together, and clamped his feet tightly.



Taking the initiative to rub it, the beautiful now young woman's body became more and more sensitive, and the tremors became louder and louder. When she felt that she had reached the critical point, Mu Xiaoxiao blinked his eyes and pressed lightly.


Mu Xiaoxiao felt something spray out from inside. Mrs. Natsumi's delicate body tensed up for a moment, and it lasted for a few seconds before she lay limply on the table.

Mu Xiaoxiao knew - the tide had blown.

'Tsk tsk, they were all developed by me...'

Ehh that sound? what happened?

He found that the dining table that was bustling just now suddenly became quiet, and no one said anything. He glanced at Yui, Chisato and the others, and the girls were all eating in silence. From time to time, they looked at him with strange eyes, and Mu Xiaoxiao knew it immediately.

- they were exposed.

'Mom, she is really doing this kind of thing while eating... is she so unsatisfied?' Yui glanced at her mother strangely, muttering in her heart.

Serizawa Yukiha was relatively shy, lowering her head and pretending not to notice, even being embarrassed to pick up the vegetables.

Chisato is a little bolder and keeps giving Mu Xiaoxiao hints with her eyes. The same goes for Kisaragi Anna. They all know their lovers. Let alone doing bad things secretly under the table, it is normal for him to hugged them directly do bad things even in public as long as no man can see it except him.

Only Okino Rinka was unclear. This little loli had no idea what had just happened under the table, but seeing the relationship between these elder sisters and Mu Xiaoxiao, she could roughly guess something.

Especially when Mu Xiaoxiao heard the words "I'll fill you up at night", the precocious girl knew what it meant, and couldn't help but pout, as if she was a little jealous.

"Xiaoxiao, I want to take a bath with you later -"

The little loli couldn't even eat anymore, so she turned to look at him and said coquettishly.

"Okay, let's take a shower together later." The weird atmosphere at the dinner table was broken by this little Loli. Mu Xiaoxiao did not refuse. After all, they took a bath together yesterday, so it was no big deal.

But he didn't notice the cunning, endless shyness and determination that flashed deep in Okino Rinka's eyes when she heard him agree.

It seems that she want to make a decision that will change her whole life.

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