172 172 The temptation of loli

"Rinka, what happened yesterday? Why don't you go home with me?"

At the school gate, two elementary school students were arguing here. As Rinka's brother, Okino Kazuki certainly knew that his sister did not come home yesterday, and he felt a little anxious and worried.

Okino Kazuki was slightly relieved when he saw his sister coming to school today, but he didn't expect that Rinka wouldn't go home with him after school, which surprised him.

"I'm staying at a friend's house these two days, Ni-chan," Okino Rinka looked at her brother with a complex expression. She had a good impression of her brother. She had a lot of good feelings for him since she was a child, or it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say she likes him.

But... those were all in the past. At least now when Okino Rinka faced her brother, the feeling of love in her heart was gone. All her heart was occupied by the scene of Mu Xiaoxiao saving herself that day.

'When I think of him and that scene, my eyes can't help but turn into crescents.

A smile emerged.'

"Rinka, I asked your friends, you didn't live in their house at all, right?" The elementary school boy wanted to grab his sister, "Although I don't know where you were yesterday, but you were outside alone, it's very dangerous."

"Yes, Rinka, we are worried about you too."

The pink-haired girl on the side said with concern.

"Oh, I'm not going back anyway," she shook her head fiercely and took a few steps back, avoiding her brother's hand, "I'm going to Xiaoxiao's home, so don't come and persuade me again!"

Although she no longer has feelings for Okino Kazuki because she fell in love with Mu Xiaoxiao, he is her elder brother after all, and Rinka also has family feelings for him. However, being disturbed like this will inevitably make her feel impatient.

As for the pink-haired little girl next to her, she was even more unhappy with her.

"Rinka, you..."

Okino Kazuki was at a loss. He didn't know why his sister had changed so much after not seeing jer for a day. Although there was no difference in appearance, he was sensitive on the inside and could sense that his sister was a little distant from him.

Just as he was about to ask, footsteps came closer and closer. He looked up and saw several older brother and sisters walking this way. At the same time, Okino Rinka's eyes lit up and she rushed towards them.



A big '#' formed on Mu Xiaoxiao's forehead, and he looked at Chisato and Yui next to him speechlessly, "She called me brother yesterday, but now she call me by my name, damn it did you teach her like that?"

"What does this mean? It means Rinka-chan is close to you," Chisato covered her mouth and snickered.

"Yes, yes, we are all jealous of her being so clingy to Xiaoxiao," Obata Yui also laughed.

Hearing the teasing laughter of the two sisters, Okino Rinka swung her ponytail back and forth, her face turned red, but she still held Mu Xiaoxiao's hand without letting go and hugged him tightly.

This scene stunned Okino Kazuki and the Sakuragi Otome next to him.

"Rinka, who are they?" Okino Kazuki saw that his sister was so close to a strange man, and he immediately became anxious, feeling like his head was green.

That look was like looking at the bastard who stole his wife... The look made Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes tremble. 'I haven't been a bastard for a long time. Besides, I really have no interest in such a flat primary school student.

What's more, if it weren't for me, the bastards you encounter in the future will be the bastards that really break your defenses, and even your life will be shattered by this. Do you understand, kid, I saved you.'

Mu Xiaoxiao cursed in his heart for a long time, "Rinka is staying at my house temporarily. Of course, it doesn't matter if she goes back, as long as she is willing..."

Mu Xiaoxiao doesn't care because he doesn't force this little loli to live in his home.

"No, I want to go with Xiaoxiao," Okino Rinka immediately shouted after hearing this. She would not leave. "We made a promise yesterday, Xiaoxiao, you are not allowed to go back on your word."

"I have no regrets. Since you are so determined, okay, let's go home -"


Okino Kazuki looked at his sister's leaving figure, feeling inexplicably a little disappointed.

'I didn't realize it before, but after my sister left, I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable and felt empty...' Otome on the side looked at the backs of those people curiously. The little girl blinked and looked searchingly.

'I feel like those big brothers and sisters are very unusual.'


Okino Rinka was very happy. She followed Mu Xiaoxiao and held his hand. They talked about what happened in school along the way, such as boys coming to confess to her, friends already dating, and even a girl in her class has already had sex with a boy from junior high school...

Mu Xiaoxiao had a dark look on his face. 'Damn, you are still primary school students. Do you want to be so defiant?'

"Rinka, don't imitate those people. You are still just a primary school student. It's okay to fall in love and so on. But soing it directly... is too dangerous."

"Why? several girls have said that it's very comfortable and not very dangerous."


There is nothing more he can say about this topic.

"And, if it's Xiaoxiao, I'm willing..." Little Loli said, suddenly becoming shy, and while squirming, she glanced at Mu Xiaoxiao with her ambiguous eyes, letting him almost couldn't hold his breath.

'Is it a mistake to be so precocious at a young age?

Stop talking. If you keep talking, I will really commit a crime.'

Yui and Chisato on the side looked at it and laughed secretly.

"Let's talk about it when you grow up. You are still a kid but I want is a big sis."

Back home, Yukiha and Himemiya Makoto have indeed returned and are cooking with Mrs. Obata Natsumi.Okino Rinka no longer mentions the previous things after all so many sisters have an ambiguous relationship with Mu Xiaoxiao.

She is no match for these sisters now.

"Xiaoxiao, we have seen before, that Sanjou Maki came to you alone..." At the dinner table, Kisaragi Anna couldn't help but ask, "What happened to you two? I think she has a little strange attitude towards you."

"...A lot of things really happened. By the way, Chi-chan, are you familiar with Sanjou Maki?"

"Sanjou-kun... we've talked a bit, but I'm not very familiar with her," Chisato shook her head.

"She's not even familiar with the social butterfly Chi-chan. It seems that everyone is not very familiar with that girl," Himemiya Makoto added, "But although she is low-key, she is still very charming."

"Indeed, very charming, and no smaller than Makoto."

'No smaller than me?'

Seeing his gaze falling on her chest, Himemiya Makoto gave him a sweet look, then straightened her chest, her huge breasts swaying, and Okino Rinka looked at her with envy in her eyes.

"How do you know it's not smaller than Makoto's?" Yui wondered, "It can't be because you've touched it."

"I actually touched it." With just one sentence, a group of women at the table all shot a dagger at him. Mu Xiaoxiao took a mouthful of rice calmly, "Don't look at me. She took the initiative to let me touch her."



Mu Xiaoxiao didn't hide it. He never covered up such things, so he said it frankly. Several girls, including Mrs. Natsumi, were shocked when they heard that the girl had such a weird physique for producing milk.

"Does she have this weird physique?" The married woman has given birth and had breast milk said. "That feeling is really uncomfortable..."

"Xiaoxiao, what does real breast milk taste like? It must be very unique, right?"

Yui held her chin in her hands and said with a smile.

"Ahem...it's not as delicious as your holy milk, really, to be honest."

"Then, do you want to taste our holy milk again?"

"Having said that, I really want to drink it..."

As he said that, Okino Rinka who was beside him suddenly pulled his sleeve, "Xiaoxiao, can I also have that... holy milk?"

The little girl's big eyes were full of temptation and attachment, "Can you drink mine?"


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