1 001 Little Chisato's Diary

The setting sun in the sky dyed the earth red, the building, the playground, the woods, the atrium, the students left in a hurry, and the whole school seemed to be quiet.

The last rays of sunlight came in from the window, and the desks and chairs in the empty classroom were arranged neatly. Only one boy was sitting by the window, propping his chin with his left hand, looking at the scenery outside against the setting sun motionless.

It was dusk, and he still didn't intend to leave school.


There was a sound from the classroom door, he turned his head and watched the girl in a short skirt uniform walk in, Mu Xiaoxiao didn't change his face.

"You are...Mu Xiaoxiao?"

The beautiful girl recognized the boy in the same class, and took out a piece of paper, "Hello, did you leave this letter for me? Excuse me, what can I do for you?"

"Student Chisato," the boy's expressionless face suddenly flashed a strange color, which seemed entangled, indifferent, and fierce, and finally returned to calm, "I do have something to look for you."

Is it a confession? The beautiful girl named Chisato has already prepared a draft and is ready to say her rejection.


Under the quiet dusk, in the quiet classroom, Chisato looked at him stupidly, what's going on, say, why didn't you speak? Do you want me to refuse first?

The boy didn't know what was going on in her heart, and he wasn't interested in knowing it. He just calmly left the chair and walked, with clear footsteps, coming to the girl's side step by step.


Mu Xiaoxiao has always believed that the three cheats of Hentai - Hypnosis, Time Stop and drugs, is not necessary to deal with these heroines. Of course, the last one will not be mentioned for the time being, but the first two are just overqualified.

Mu Xiaoxiao feels that, except for special professionals, there is no woman who is easier to deal with than the heroine of Hentai.

You just need to grab their arms, press them hard, and they basically give up resistance and let you manipulate them. It's so simple, just like this——

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly reached out and grabbed Chisato's arm, and the other hand landed precisely on the girl's chest. The cup that reached the E level was soft, moist and full of elasticity.

"Ah! You, Mu-kun, what are you doing—nnggh!!"

Sensitive places are touched by others, Chisato struggle fiercely.

Mu Xiaoxiao was almost broken away by her. In terms of attributes alone, he doesn't have much advantage.

Uh, no, what are you struggling with as a heroine? Give me a good understanding of your position!

[Mu Xiaoxiao]

——[Strength]: 6

——[Agility]: 6

——[Wisdom]: 7

——[Physique]: 5


——[Strength]: 4

——[Agility]: 5

——[Wisdom]: 5

——[Physique]: 4

Using his own ability [Observation] to check the status panel of Chisato, Mu Xiaoxiao was a little embarrassed and it seems it slapped him in the face... But it doesn't matter, if coercion is useless, you only need to resort to the second trick - threat .

Basically, it can deal with 90% of Hentai heroines.

"Student Chisato, I heard that you have a boy you like?" Mu Xiaoxiao grinned, "You don't want him to see your current image, do you? If you don't want to, just calm down."

"You, let me go even if Senior Yuuto knows that and will definitely help me!" The girl's resistance did not stop.

Ah... It seems that even the female protagonists are not as unbearable as imagined. Even so, it still can't change the natural physique of these women as a bitch.

Mu Xiaoxiao never planned to fall in love with these women, so when he learned that he had traveled to this world, he decided to be a villain.

He changed back to the original expression of facial paralysis, and let go of the girl.

Chisato didn't expect that he would actually let go of herself. The girl panted slightly and was about to speak when she met Mu Xiaoxaio's glowing eyes, her body shook, and invisible power spread in her tender body.

To her horror, She found that she couldn't move...

'This, what is this? Why, why can't I even talk...'

"In the end, I used my ability," Mu Xiaoxiao stared at her expressionlessly, his indifferent gaze made the girl tremble with fear, "But forget it, it's all the same, from the moment you stepped into this classroom, classmate Chisato, Your fate is set."

Speaking of this, he paused, "No, maybe from the moment I came here, your fate has already been decided."

'what? What is he saying? I can't understand it at all! I can't move my body, did he drugged me or something? But, but...' Sweat oozes from Chisato's forehead, and her delicate face turns pale.

Fear and dread spread around.

Mu Xiaoxiao ignored the change in her expression, raised his buttocks and sat on the desk, the setting sun glaring at his back, her gaze shifted from the girl's cheek to the status window in front of him.

[Special Skills]:

——[Absolute Control]


This is his skill, the cheat ability he obtained after traveling in this world, and what controls Chisato's body now is this special ability of [absolute control].

"Although it can't be hypnotized or charmed, the simpler and rougher physical control is not bad..."

Manipulate the body and control the five senses.

It's strong, but it's not enough. It needs to become stronger...Mu Xiaoxiao has a sense of urgency.

As for [Observation], it is a simple viewing panel.

The way to improve attributes and even learn new skills is to obtain them through astringency, and consume hearts to increase attributes and learn skills. This is why Mu Xiaoxiao came to her.

In the ordinary world, maybe he will patiently fall in love and use strategy to obtain it? But here, hehe.

Would a normal person fall in love with these Hentai characters?

These women are at most just tool people, tool people to make himself stronger... After all, in this kind of place, if they don't become strong, they can only be reduced to other people's playthings. Mu Xiaoxiao doesn't want to see such a day.

'So... It's a pity, classmate Chisato, I won't let you go no matter what happens.'

"Don't worry, I won't do anything to you," Mu Xiaoxiao sat on the table, his dark eyes as deep as the stars in the universe shot aggressively, and the girl was a little scared.

She wanted to avoid it, but she couldn't, but that's not all. Chisato was horrified to find that she couldn't control her feet. She walked in front of him, stretched out her hands slowly, and unbuttoned her collar...

"It's better to say the opposite, are you actively tempting me?"

"No, no!" Chisato shouted eagerly after realizing that she had regained the ability to speak, "My body moves on its own... It was you, you did it, right?"

She finally realized that it didn't seem to be drugging, but some kind of superpower.

No, just watch as she unbutton the clothes and open the clothes, revealing the delicate and beautiful pink lace pattern bra inside, the plump and perfect shape and the bottomless gully in the middle.

An alluring spring.

The corners of Chisato's eyes were filled with tears, she was in a state of disbelief, her pitiful expression could not make the young man in front of him feel compassion, he still had that indifferent face.

"That's not important, classmate Chisato," Mu Xiaoxiao stretched out his hand to pick up the girl's smooth chin, her beautiful face blushing, "You can't refuse whether I did it or not."


Yes, She couldn't resist at all, the girl stared blankly at him, grabbed his hand, and put it into her clothes bit by bit, stuffing it into the fullness.

The moment the skin touched, it felt like an electric current passed through the body, causing a strong reaction.

Biting her lips tightly, still unable to restrain her charming voice, Chisato was horrified to find that she actually had a feeling, and this feeling was still rising, shocking her mind.

Senior Yuuto...

She suddenly thought of her childhood sweetheart, the person she likes, the person she likes is Senior Yuuto, but now another man... grabs her hand and rubs her chest, raising her head.

The shadow of Senior Yuuto disappeared, replaced by Mu Xiaoxiao, a classmate who she had never spoken to him before.

His face was expressionless, and those black pearl-like eyes were like a black hole, sucking everything around him, including herself, Chisato found that she could not escape.

No matter what, there is no escape.


The bad hand in the clothes suddenly exerted force, and Chisato snorted, thinking that he was going to turn into a beast and pounce on him, but it didn't work as she imagine, Mu Xiaoxiao left a clear mark and withdrew his hand.

Before Chisato could react, that feeling reappeared, that terrible feeling of being uncontrollable, as if her body didn't belong to her...

Here we go again, what are you going to do again?

Watching her little white hands land on the waist of his trousers little by little, then slowly go down, and gently unzip the zipper, the girl's expression changed from blue to red, and then from red to white, changing indefinitely.

"no, do not want..."

"Mu-kun, please, please don't do this..."

"I already have someone I like—"

Chisato made her last plea.

Perhaps because he was in a good mood, Mu Xiaoxiao showed a rare smile, but he said cruel words, "I'm sorry for classmate Chisato, No matter who you like, this wish can't be realized," he once again reached into the girl's bra, playing with it wantonly.

"Because from now on, you are my plaything," the young man grinned and lowered his voice, "a plaything is not qualified to negotiate terms."


Excessive! asshole! Scum!

How can he do this?

However, no matter how Chisato vented in her heart, she couldn't stop her movements. Looking at the giant dragon released by her, shr almost stopped breathing at this moment.


She finally recognized her current situation, slowly closed her eyes, but immediately open away again, couldn't she even close her eyes to escape?

Chisato opened her lips, stuck out her heart-shaped tongue, and slowly bowed her head like a puppy...


The classroom became very quiet, only the girl's ambiguous sobbing sound remained. Except for the change of breathing rhythm, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't see any other reaction, only Chisato could feel it.

Because the thing in her mouth was hot and hard.

However, compared with physical enjoyment, Mu Xiaoxiao paid more attention to his status window and frowned.

"The hearts haven't increased..."

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