1 Chapter 1: Prologue

[Welcome Elton. Loading Quest Log.]

Such a soothing voice of a female may be around her twenties with a slight English accent.

I could never get over how real this felt even though I've played this game like a million times.

The quest window popped up in front of me with a surprise making me jump a little.

[You have 20 quests available. Would you like me to read them off?]

Her voice echoed throughout my head, it was strange at first but I've gotten used to it over time.

"Go ahead," I said while waving my hand



[Quest Log Page 1]

Go to the market: Incomplete (0/1)

House chores: Incomplete (0/10)

Work out: incomplete (0/50)

Combat practice: incomplete (0/50)

Prepare food: incomplete (0/5)

Have guest over: incomplete (0/1)


[Swipe down for more quest]

[Note: if the quests are not done by the end of the day they will expire and you are going to be punished appropriately.]

I slowly scrolled through the quest, not caring much.

"These quests are more like chores rather than a quest, what a drag." I thought.

I sighed. As I scrolled down, skimming through the 'chores, ' one of them caught my eye.

"Aerial, give me details about quest 16," I said eagerly

[Quest 16]

Complete a dungeon: incomplete (0/1)

*Details: Dungeons are filled with puzzles, monsters, and treasures. You will be rewarded if you complete the dungeon.

*Rewards: Treasure, Artifacts, weapons, and armor. Also lots of EXP.

My eyes widened.

"Well, time to get going, Aerial let's play".

[Booting up map]

With a fwssh! I evaporated into tiny light particles and was off to the world of Anoa.


Act 1: Chores,

Level 1 Elf Class: Elton Sword-blight

Hp: (50/50)

Elton felt embarrassed with his low stats floating above his head everywhere he went. Except he believed that would change soon.

Elton walked through the town, looking around at everyone's high stats. He felt intimidated. Sure there were players with low stats but not as low as Elton's. Hell, Elton had 0 EXP. He was no stronger than any other NPC. Sure he was faster, had more freedom, and had special elf abilities, but the elf abilities don't unlock until Level 5. Elton is an NPC rather than a player.

It wasn't like Elton was a coward or didn't want to fight.

The thrill of fighting monsters or the treasures that you win from local tournaments was all Elton wanted. He just didn't have weapons or the strength to fight monsters. His only weapons were gardening tools which you can't even use in a battle even if you tried, the game wouldn't let you. Unless you count weeding as fighting monsters, of course.

If it wasn't for the inspiration he gets from the best player in the game, Elton would have just turned off the game and never came back to it by now, and live his life like a regular person.

Unfortunately, Elton, someone in his early twenties and literally having no hobbies nor skills to get himself a job that suits him. There was no other way but to buy this game and try to become the best player and earn lots of money that way. But unfortunately, Elton picked the hardest class to play as The Elf Class.

One could say he had no choice. But I think otherwise.


Players in the same town tended to know each other well, and they usually became friends or allies to help them in battles or quests.

As players were laughing and bargaining for better deals, I was looking for a few allies to help me later today with the dungeon. I needed someone strong but not too strong, maybe someone around the level. 10? As I strolled through the town looking at everyone's stats, I finally found someone that was Level.10. Their back was turned towards me and they had a long brown robe that enveloped their entire body. They looked suspicious, but I wasn't worried about that right now.

I walked up to the player, hoping for them to accept my invitation.


I looked up at her username.

Level 10 unknown class: Unknown Username

Hp: ???/???

I knew right away what was going on. They had a spell cast on them, but I didn't know what spell. In fact, I have never even seen a spell in action before. I got nervous.

"why would they have a spell cast that allows you to hide your class, username, and Hp?" I thought.

Before I walked away from the player, the player turned their head towards me. Chills ran down my spine.

"Oh, crap!" I thought.

The player had a mask covering their face. No, her face was all distorted. This wasn't an average spell that a level. 10 players could cast. No, this was an Elf Ability. I recognized it now. This was the ability that allows you to hide from other non-elf players. It was "Incognito".

"So you're an Elf too?" I asked.

They didn't respond. Instead, they just stared at me.

The player turned their full body to face me. I blushed. The player was a female with a perfect hourglass body.

"So you can see me?" She asked.

I nodded

Her voice was all over the place, each word that came out of her mouth had a distinct voice. One was squeaky, the other one was low, then a kid's voice, and lastly a female voice, which I assumed was her real voice.

"Why are you using the Incognito ability? Are you hiding from someone?"

"Why does it matter to you?"

"I'm just wondering if you are gonna do something bad like steal something or worse? Because if so I might have to report you to the Guard."

I could tell she was glaring at me, even though I couldn't see her face.

"Well, even you reported me to the guards they wouldn't be able to see me."

I ignored her response.

"How did you even use an ability in the town? I thought you couldn't even if you tried?"

"My little secret teehee."

I frowned, but I didn't care that much because I couldn't even use my abilities yet.

"Aerial, teleport Home," the girl said.

"Wait! Don't Leave!" I shouted

[Teleporting Home]

She evaporated.

"Aerial, show coordinates for the dungeon!"

[Opening coordinates for dungeon]


I flashed her the Coordinates Window.

"Meet me here tonight at sundown! I need you to help me get this quest done, also bring some spare weapons if you have any. All I have are gardening tools!"

"Maybe," she chuckled.

As she evaporated into the air, I felt relieved to know she might show up, but part of me also felt nervous because she might not show up.

People stared at me. They must have thought I was crazy. To them, they just saw me talking to myself. I rubbed the back of my head, dashed out of there. I was so embarrassed.


Elton did the rest of his chores that day and rested before the dungeon. As Elton drifted off to sleep, a screen popped up.

[Would you like to save the game?]

(Yes) or (No)

Elton tapped yes.

[Saving, don't turn off headset]

[Game saved, you may take off the headset]

As Elton took off the headset, he looked around the room. He was in the living room of his apartment. He looked at the clock and strategized about how much time he has out of the game.

"So if two hours here is one hour in the game and I have to go to the dungeon at sundown which is around 6:00 pm in-game and its noon here and 3:13 in-game right now, that means I have exactly 6 hours out of the game to eat and do other things," Elton said to himself.

Elton got up and got changed out of his pajamas and walked out his apartment door to get some food.

As Elton walked through the city, he realized something. He had the same stats as he did in the game. He was a low-level newbie, not just in the game but in actual life too. He felt intimidated by everyone who had proper jobs and successful lives.

"Deja vu," Elton said, "I guess I'm a low-life loser in the actual world too."

<Chapter 1> Fin.

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