Hardcore Fantasy

Greed. A single word of five letters but with the potential of destroying whole races. In a lost past, the races living on Pandora got too greedy for their own good and tried to tweak with a technonlogy that shouldn't belong to them. Even now, hundred of years after, people still suffer the effects of this greed. Having lost their home planet, the inhabitants of Pandora now are confined to spatial stations, floating around their now in ruins and inhospitable planet, they face a miserable situation for more than a century now. Problems with population, problems with food, problems with magic, problems, problems, and more problems plague the population and the threat of extinction is more evident than ever before. Amidst such chaos and whirlwind of problems, Akihiko, a reincarnator, finds his way into this world. Having his novelty about reincarnations into game worlds broken first-hand, he now tries to not die in this hardcore world. Chosen among the yonger generation, he along with other students from the Academy are sent to Pandora, to learn and participate in the desperate struggle to have their planet back. However, his situation might not be that easy, with him being a man in a yuri-themed eroge game's world, and also being childhood friends with the protagonist. ----------------------------- Tags (might change): #Strong MC / #Calm MC / #Cold MC / #Beautiful female leads / #Smart female leads / #Survival / #Yanderes / #MILFs / #Multiple races / #Multiple reincarnated individuals/ #Multiple transmigrated individuals / #Military / #War No yuri. NTR or NTL (netori) ----------------------------- Hello there, I hope you're having a wonderful day! First, I'm going to address some points: 1- If you want to support me, you can buy me a coffee at: ko-fi.com/kyle_kingsmaker (it costs only $1). Toss a coin to your author; 2- I'm not a native speaker, so I apologize in advance for grammatical errors and such. I do use Grammarly but there is still going to have a few here and there; 3- This is my take on a reincarnation into a game trope, it might seem generic but do give the first few chapters a try, you might find it interesting; 4- Constructive cricism is welcomed, but be respectful with me, the other readers and yourself. If you post hate or review with hate, just know that I don't bother leaving it there since there's no purpose in doing so; 5- The current update schedule is sporadic due to some things IRL, with the chapters being 1.500 to 2.000 words on average. 6- Lastly but no less important, I use AI-generated images but also images I find on Pinterest. The ones I find on Pinterest, I don't posses the rights over them and will hence, put the source for the image. If you're the owner of one or more of those images and wishes for them to be taken down, please message me via comments, review, or DM on Discord. Also as a side note, the cover was found on the Pinterest and I only edited the size and wrote on it; the link to the image on Pinterest can be found on either the auxiliary chapter, or in the Discord

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