Hard love to me

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What is Hard love to me

Read Hard love to me novel written by the author Roan2099 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering action, romance, adventure, reincarnation, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Girls like me don't get happy endings. I know what I am. . I set boundaries between myself and my past, only to end up with a low-quality nightclub. Even my excuse to work there is as bad as it can be: I work here to pay for college, get my technical degree from the most prestigious university in Montreal. Although baffling, in the daytime: I'm just a student and at night a stripper! But the inevitable happens and collides with my life. And now there's one woman who knows all of my characters: the quiet Alaskan student, anti-social, and cruel Heaven stripper. This woman is beautiful and complicated. It comes from the other side of life, where this side does not want me and does not accept me. But she does amaze me and her hot and warm hands on my skin make me feel things I gave up long ago. So what's the problem! The problem is, this woman is a teacher in my classic photography lessons at university!

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Forget the pain that hurts you. But remember the lesson that thought you. Just a Girl. That was others thought, girls are different to boys. Girls cannot do anything what boys can do. But guess what? People are hard headed to realize that any person can do something if they want to. Make impossible to become possible. Expect the unexpected. A girl who keep on fighting even if others give up. A girl who keep on smiling even though she's hurt. A girl who keep on laughing even though she's in pain. A girl who keep on moving forward even though its hard. Will there be able to meet someone she can lean on? Will there be anyone out there to stay by her side? Will there be able to stand still after so many trials? Will there be anyone who are willing to lend a hand? Everybody almost know the name, but how about the personality? the characterization? Are you that mesmerize with a physical appearance? How about the emotional? do you still care? Or you love hiding it behind the mask? The masked that no one will ever see, Except the person who are wearing it. How good are you to hide your emotions? your real intentions? Are you willing to live up your life using the mask? or There will be time that you will remove it? Nobody is perfect, and so are you, people are good pretenders, actors or artist. So don't act so innocent, reflect yourself, and you'll the truth. The only person who only knows you better is YOU ! But do not let your mask shown, unless your ready to face the reality.

Evelyn_Bagsangi · Teen
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La bruja CEO no es un demonio

Moño alto, anteojos, camisa de manga larga y falda trenzada. Vestido tan estrictamente, FengJiu alcanzó los 28 años sin tener ninguna interacción íntima con los hombres. A una edad temprana, siendo huérfana, FengJiu se dedicó a cuidar bien de su abuelo y sus negocios, eligiendo vivir una vida diferente a la de un adolescente normal. Ahora, como CEO de Feng International, la gente la ve como una mujer estoica sin emociones. En el fondo, FengJiu es como cualquier otra mujer, quiere experimentar la belleza de la vida y el romance. Debido a la presión de su abuelo en su matrimonio, FengJiu decidió permitirse experimentar la vida de una mujer soltera sin preocupaciones antes de casarse (matrimonio). Por primera vez en su vida, se emborrachó y festejó toda la noche. ¿Eh? ¿Por qué está desnuda? Eh? Ehh ?! "Mujer, después de comerme seco, tienes que asumir la responsabilidad". dijo un hombre desvergonzado. En un instante, ella se convirtió en su 'mamá de azúcar'. ¡¿Qué?! ¡Este descarado NEET a quien 'adoptó' es el dueño de Lu Corporation, su enemigo? Antes de que pudiera escapar, la ataron en la cama. "Mujer, es mejor que elijas sabiamente. ¿Te casarás conmigo o yo me casaré contigo?" Ella lo rechaza estrictamente después de saberlo todo, pero cada centímetro de su cuerpo anhela lo contrario. (NEET- No en Educación, Empleo o Capacitación, también conocido como Desempleado) NOTA: esta no es una historia original solo mi traducción

maruvi_vidal · Urban
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Wow!!! Great writing! One of the most well written stories I've stumbled across to date. The characters are gritty, flawed and so realistic. No ridiculously gifted individuals. All reflect the hardships they have encountered so far in their lives. Give this one a try. Hope to see more from this author in future (and would happily purchase any actual printed books published by them, too).


Goes hard, love the characters and their life experiences. A really gloomy but refreshing story. Highly underrated though def deserves more attention.


Amazing writing, thank you for the chapters! I'm only up to chapter 11 but the characters have been developed extremely well! It almost hurts to see Alaska look down so much on her life.. glad the teacher is here to whisk her away..


Such intense and raw emotions that make the characters feel so real. This is such a hidden gem At the end of this story, I felt like I needed more so if there’s a sequel in the works I would read it hands down! And if you haven’t read this story yet, give it a try


It really feels like this is the start of their romance, like there should be a sequel. The characters are real, flawed. And the struggles that they faced in order to be together, though they would fail at times didn't wreck the relationship for long. Though Alaska's history was briefly mentioned in the epilogue and her family's history could be explored further I really do hope they got their happy ending as implied.


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