11 Important Chapter! Q&A


A/N: I'm penning this chapter to address key points as we reach a crucial juncture in the storyline, especially considering upcoming changes from the original narrative.

I'd like to inquire about your preference for the heroes summoned to this world. Would you prefer all original characters (OC), or do you think introducing existing characters might enhance your understanding and provide a sense of familiarity? Here are some examples for consideration:

Yariko from "JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai or Oc"

Souma Kurumi from "Shikiyoku Infinite"

Yanagi Uzaki from "Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out"

Kurashiki, Reina from "Saimin Seishidou"

Miyajima, Sakura from "Saimin Seishidou"

A stereotypical Blonde Cool Hero from an isekai setting.

A Weak Hero, initially a nerd who later becomes powerful (Og Mc???)

- Something like that... Of course, I still need to do more research on the characters to be included in the story, with their different abilities given by the goddess' blessing.

2) Do you want Og Mc to appear in this story?

- Regarding the potential inclusion of Og Mc in this narrative, if you opt for he, there's a likelihood of them transforming into a female character. Given the practicality of he copy-skill, it seems sensible to explore its potential rather than leaving it underutilized.

It's important to reiterate that every female character introduced thus far is not solely a romantic interest. I assure you that it will be unmistakably evident when a girl featured in the story establishes a connection with Mc that mere sex.

5) A reminder that the upcoming world is Champion!

-Also, it is very likely that most of the main harem of the original Mc of this world will not be added, as I find nothing interesting in them. So we'll go for some Oc girls with a plot I already have in mind and some hot goddesses *Uhg* Izanami no Mikoto.

- I've already selected the two gods that Mc will have to confront, and to provide a bit of anticipation, one of them is a monster alluded to in earlier chapters...

6) Any suggestions on introducing the journey to other worlds without revealing too much about the story's progression? I've been contemplating the idea of a Flaw Rolled: Jump-chan, causing random teleportation to various worlds or challenging situations.

- Importantly, I'm still considering ways to keep the martial arts crossover world engaging for you. I'm leaning towards a Slice of Life approach to ensure the story flows smoothly.

7) Regarding Sō'unga, I've decided she will be portrayed as a woman, though it won't significantly impact the narrative until much later. I can assure you that she will retain the same personality as in the film, gradually developing an attachment to Mc as the story unfolds.

8) Next Martial Art?

Kyotōryū (Katanagatari)

Full Contact Karate (The God Of High School)

Boxe (Hajime no Ippo)

Style-Mishima (Tekken)

Black Lancer Techniques (Gosu)

9) As for the next chapters of Bloodborne's dungeon, I will try to show Mc in a seriously hostile environment, using everything to get ahead, showing his mental weaknesses and then overcoming them to show character growth.

10) If anyone has intriguing ideas for random gacha elements, I am open to incorporating these suggestions if they are to my liking.

11) An important question for the future: who is your favourite blonde-haired anime girl?

12) I can't think of anything else to add at the moment. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer them.


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