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This Fanfic has an overpowered MC so you if don't like an overpowered MC Please Be Aware before reading. Axel Woods was a man reborn into the World of Halo as a Genius. He was given no superpowers nor special abilities. Only through his intelligence would he strive for greatness and become the most powerful person in the Galaxy.

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Chapter 50

A\N: This is a time skip Chapter so there is not any dialogue just a summary of events and progression of the story.-----For the next six years, until 2531, Axel had been entrenched in numerous battles throughout the Outer Colonies. His battlegroup, having been retrofitted with his latest technology, was granted an undeniable advantage when going up against the Covenant. Omni had managed to spread Axel's name far and wide, ensuring that his deeds were carried across every planet within the UEG.

The decision of the UNSC to publicly announce their war against the Covenant in 2527 came as quite a shock to the population. People were bewildered and terrified at the prospect of being at war with extraterrestrial beings. This newfound awareness also triggered a massive recruitment drive within the UNSC, which saw an increase in the number of active service members and the capacity to man an unprecedented number of warships.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. The UNSC soon began to utilize any vessel that could be repurposed for war against the Covenant, including older ships, civilian vessels, cargo ships, and even colony ships. This inclusive approach allowed for a vastly expanded fleet that could confront the ever-advancing Covenant forces.

In the Outer Colonies, as the devastation wrought by the Covenant continued to escalate, Axel's popularity skyrocketed. He was credited with saving millions of lives and destroying countless numbers of enemy ships, becoming a symbol of hope for those living on the brink of annihilation. The general population soon began referring to him as the savior of humanity, a title that resonated deeply with the beleaguered colonists.

These achievements did not go unnoticed, and Axel was eventually promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral, or 3-star Admiral. With this new role came the command of a brand-new fleet, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the cause and his unparalleled abilities as a military strategist.

He was now in charge of the 2nd Fleet which he immediately had begun to retrofit the ships to his standards.

The UNSC had also adopted the use of his technology. The mark II energy Shields were to be equipped on each ship alongside the Autocannons.

Without delay, the retrofitting process began. Axel's designs were efficiently relayed to the various shipyards across the space colonies, where thousands of engineers and naval crew members worked tirelessly to integrate the new technology into each vessel. Drawing from Axel's tireless research, each ship in the 2nd Fleet was equipped with mark II energy Shields, capable of absorbing a far greater amount of damage.

The Autocannons, meanwhile, provided a significant boost in firepower, ensuring that every enemy ship they encountered would be met with equal force. To the Covenant the Auto Cannons were considered a great threat to their ships, and as a result they had begun to target the Autocannons on UNSC ships to get rid of them first.

Despite the constant threat of Covenant invasion, morale within the 2nd fleet was high. They had faith in their Admiral and his technology which had proven to give them the edge in the battle repeatedly.

Despite Millions lost to the Covenant, every Officer, every soldier had a glimmer of hope within all the loss.

Meanwhile, the whole of humanity looked upon the actions of Axel with a mix of reverence and awe. Gifted with an intellect that dwarfed even the most brilliant minds within the UNSC, he had transformed the UNSC into an effective war machine.

Because of this people like Admiral Parangosky, and Admiral Gardner were getting nervous about his widespread influence both within the Government and within the UNSC. There was nothing that they could do to stop him since he never failed to get results.

The restless unrest and uncertainty brewed within the highest ranks of the UNSC as Axel's reputation only continued to amplify. The very mention of his name was enough to elicit reactions of either fervent admiration or concealed envy. For those who had doubted him, he had proven them wrong, time and again.

Despite his contributions, he also posed a crucial debate among the officials - just how much power should be allocated to one individual, even if they are seemingly invincible? Unstoppable with a brilliance that could outshine even the brightest stars, and armed with an arsenal of innovation, Axel had become the linchpin that held together Human faith in their ability to fight an overwhelmingly powerful enemy. But his growing influence was stirring uncertainty among various political officers.

And this only increases as the UNSC has effectively taken control and now acted as the emergency governing body for humans.

But, on the frontlines, these political machinations meant little to Axel's fleet. Their sole focus remained on defending humanity from the Covenant threat and saving as many lives as possible. Each ship that was retrofitted had their confidence grow as they started to feel invincible with the new technology. Even though it wasn't true it kept the moral high among the various battlegroups and fleets.

Venturing into battles seemed less daunting now. And with each victory won, each planet saved from Covenant invasion, faith in Axel's technology and strategic prowess only solidified further. His credentials were never a question among his crew, they considered themselves fortunate to serve under him.

Back at UNSC headquarters, whispers began circulating about a subtle shift in power dynamics. Rumors began to permeate about Axel being considered for a more centralized role – one that would grant him direct oversight into major strategic decisions and even control over vital resources. A position that could potentially consolidate his already formidable influence, a notion that was met with disgruntlement and apprehension by some of the high-ranking officials.

The Commander-in-Chief of the UNSC, Fleet Admiral Gardner, found himself in the eye of this storm. He was originally against any promotion for Axel, but he had slowly started to recognize the fact that it's what they needed. But the thought of such concentration of power was unsettling.

He admired Axel's genius and respected his contributions, but he also understood the dangers of unchecked authority, especially in times of war when fear could breed irrational decisions.

Meanwhile, Axel continued to relentlessly lead his fleet into battle after battle against the Covenant forces. His strategic brilliance combined with the superior firepower and improved defenses of his ships consistently pushed back enemy advances. The savior of humanity, as he was now known, seemed impervious to defeat. His reputation soared even higher with each victory, further solidifying his status as a heroic figurehead.

And he wasn't the only one, as the Spartans had begun to make their name known too. John-117 had been force promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer following his contributions to the war effort, but mainly so UNSC Marines and Drop-Troopers would obey his orders. He was recognized as a major asset to the war, and he needed to have some form of power to command those under him to change the course of the battle.

Besides Axel, there were many rising heroes within the UNSC such as Admiral Cole, Captain James Gregory Cutter, Sergeant John Forge, Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, etc. It was just that Axel had overshadowed these other heroes, still they were heroes that were awarded and commended for their efforts. It was a time of rising heroes and changing politics.

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