Halo: Be Human

In a cold unforgiving universe a soul finds himself waking up in the body of a orphan. Baffled to his new predicament he comes to find out he is in one of fiction's most terrifying universes: The Halo universe. With the knowledge of the universe's fate in the future he is offered a choice. With it he will decide humanity and the universe as a whole's destiny. (I own nothing, not even the Cover I found on google)

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Chapter (28) Waiting for Healthcare and thinking about the past

(Mc Pov)

F̶e̶b̶r̶u̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶3̶r̶d̶ ̶2̶5̶4̶3̶

A̶l̶p̶h̶a̶ ̶P̶e̶r̶s̶e̶i̶

UNSC '̶T̶h̶e̶ ̶N̶e̶s̶t̶'̶ Refit and Supply Space Station

'Man, this is fucking boring. It seems sitting and waiting in a doctor's office when injured or sick stays the same whether it is 2027 or 2543,' I think to myself sitting on top of an examination table in UNSC Air Force pilot gear, 'At least that's one thing that hasn't changed,' I snort to myself

(Picture of pilot gear)

I wait for another half minute before realizing that it will most likely take a while before the doctor comes back. With nothing better to do I decide to reminisce to organize my mind with how many chaotic events happened since the end of my 'investigation' if it could be called that on 19 Draconis.

The first important notification that I was informed of was my immediate redeployment. I was getting out of the fire to simply jump right back into action with no break. This deployment was also to be of a different variety than the others I had taken part in.

'There isn't any rest for the wicked I suppose,' I mused quietly

So far I have been doing one-man missions quietly disposing of single isolated targets, and putting the fear of god back into the UNSC's enemies. Real black ops shit and it was the reason I was practically placed on a prowler that was on a year-long deployment with next to no outside contact. I can't say I didn't like it though, even back in my past life I enjoyed those kinds of special operations missions. What I liked the most about them is that I loved the fact that I would never get caught, and the fact that I annoyed whichever faction I was attacking by breaking their stuff.

This time however I am going to be an active participant in what practically amounts to a ground and air invasion. Though our goal is relief and rescue hence the name of this little endeavor being Operation: Smash and Grab. The name I must say is in great taste, and I am certain I could be great friends with whoever came up with it.

I don't know much about what role I will play on the ground. I am guessing more of the same doing 1 man wet work 'painting houses' as some ONI censors call it. However, when I am involved it's more like remodeling the garage instead of JUST painting a house, if you catch my drift.

So far the only tidbit of information about my involvement is that the admiral in charge of this task force has heard of my piloting skills. Therefore he has let it slip to Miranda that I will be taking part in the initial breakthrough of the Covenant air, and ground defenses. That's all that has been said regarding that part though.

Moving on I am no longer to be known as 'Agent Texas'. Honestly thank fuck I had enough of people fucking with me or taking jabs at me because of my code name. What's worse is that I was unable to act against them unless they put their hands on me, and even then I can't hit them. Otherwise, the result would be death, paralysis, early retirement, or at the very least some broken bones.

'Ah, the hardships of a human super soldier. Suffering from success, consider that the name of my biography when I write it after this war,' I shook my head lamenting my circumstances.

Back to the fact that my code name has changed I am now simply known as 'Ace'. I like the ring to it, I am all for simplified and short things. Because when things are simple it makes it easier to go slow and once things are slow they are smooth and smooth things are fast. The connotations behind the name also match up.

'Though some soldiers are calling me Atlas. As in the titan in Greek mythology who was forced to hold up the sky as a punishment,' I thought with an amused look on my face, 'Meaning someone from ONI intentionally leaked at least a portion of my accomplishments. Most likely for a morale boost within the military and especially for the men and women who will be journeying into the jaws of death with me,'

The implications behind the name that I could think of were first related to my ability in the seat of any flying vehicle, 'I guess I got a lot of people's attention breaking all of those records,' I think scratching the back of my head with a small smile. The next would have to be my combat ability and the amount of secrecy surrounding me amounting to the UNSC's "Hidden Ace" similar to how the original Noble 6 functioned. At least I would hope that would contribute to my name with how much classification and black ink was in my file.

I slightly chuckled to myself thinking back to when Miranda first attempted to access my file, 'She couldn't even see my real name nor even my birthday…which was 4 days ago,' After reminding myself of the fact that I was fighting for my life on my birthday my smile turned into frown and my brows furrowed into a complicated expression.

'It sucks to know that Spartans aren't even given the basic things in life that most people take for granted. No 'happy birthdays'. No 'vacations'. At the end of the day we only really get a 'thank you'. For most of us we won't even get a burial never mind a proper funeral,' I reflect internally while focusing my eyes on the ground. Eventually, I relax, letting out a drawn-out sigh while bringing my vision to the ceiling and pondering one simple statement, 'Such is life,' I say to myself.

The next thing after my changed code name is that I am now child-free. I can neither say that I miss the little kids nor that I don't miss them. I will admit it was nice having other people to worry about you, and look at you with genuine smiles that were not devoured by the anxiety of war and chaos. However, no matter how much I would want them to stay.

A battlefield is no place for children.

That is a sentiment that I firmly believe. That 'No one's childhood should be stolen from them'. So even if I have to forget about them and the small comfort that they brought me. I know it's better that way and hopefully, they will not have to know this war the way I have.

'Thinking back they really were choked up with my departure. Weren't they?'


(3rd person flashback)

"You are leaving!?" exclaimed Luna while holding a stuffed bear that Sam had retrieved from their dorm before making his exit.

"Yeah sorry little one but duty calls, and if I want to stop those alien bastards from doing more shit like this. Then I need to put as many in the ground as possible," answered a tall man crouched down petting the head of the small girl.

He wore a white t-shirt that said 'UNSC: NAVAL SPECIAL WARFARE' in bold black letters on the back and UNSC insignia on the left chest area depicting an eagle with its wings spread sitting atop a globe and wrapped in a banner. Underneath the t-shirt were multiple layers of bandages wrapped around his abdomen. Besides the shirt, he was wearing dark gray pants (think Halo Reach marine pants/CE anniversary) and black combat boots, around his neck, were dog tags made out of Tungsten Carbide.

He was abruptly slapped on the shoulder by a woman a foot shorter than him when he was standing, "Tex. Language," The man responded by rolling his gray-colored eyes while shaking his head.

"Can we PLEASE come with you?! I promise I will be good and go to bed on time!" Dante cried out suddenly while bear-hugging the man.

The man sighed with a blank expression with a hint of sadness, "Sorry bud but I can't take you with me…Besides that I shouldn't take you with me. You are both still kids. Don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Never forget that you are only a kid once," he said calmly.

"B-But we could help you!" retorted Luna quickly with Dante nodding his head vigorously.

The man had an expression of contemplation for a moment before sighing and prying the small boy off of him. He stood up and looked down coldly glaring at the children, "Do not overestimate your own worth, both of you. Take this lesson to heart and make no mistake. I do not need either of you nor do I want your help," He paused before getting in their faces scaring them, "Make no mistake you two aren't cut out for what I do. You both cried multiple times tonight alone and would only continue to show yourselves as nothing more than a liability. Now go to the officer over there that has been waiting for you for the past 20 minutes before I get angry," the last part he spoke through his teeth as he remained expressionless with a hint of rage below the surface.

The children, now sufficiently scared, ran away crying. Watching their back the man stood back up straight and turned around facing away from them. He let out another sigh while looking through the glass window he was facing that pointed into the vast darkness of space.

"Don't be too hard on yourself. I know you just acted that way so they would get away because your usual 'good cop' personality wasn't working," Miranda comforted before adding with a smile, "Though you aren't that good of an actor. Those kids will see through your actions as that of an overprotective parent you know?"

Sam was silent for a moment with his arms crossed over his chest before responding with his calm voice and blank face, "I am only a bad actor because they didn't train me for it,"

Miranda's smile faltered before she herself sighed and turned to face the window in the same direction as Samson, "Yeah I know. My father told me some tidbits about the SPARTAN-II program when I told him of my first big assignment," She paused thinking about his actions, "..You don't want them to be Spartans like you. Do you?"

It was Sam's turn to think. He thought about the augmentations and enhance abilities they would gain, but also the responsibilities and suicide missions they would inevitably be forced to undertake. He also thought about Gamma Company's fate on Onyx, "No I do not," said Sam before turning to look Miranda in the eyes, "The day that I no longer have a reason for existence will be the happiest day of my life…I would rather not drag them into the same fate as the rest of us Spartan-IIIs,"

With those words, Sam left the area alone. Miranda watched him leave before sighing for what felt like the thousandth time today. Turning back to the window alone she let out one final sentence, "You really are different from the Spartans that my dad told me about," Though as she spoke those words she had a smile on her face, 'But maybe that's not so bad,' she thought before leaving as well.


(Mc Pov)

The last major thing to note is that I will be getting outfitted with Mjolnir Mark IV. I am guessing my actions have warranted the expenditure. Though I do not currently have it in my possession. Miranda said that I would have it before I set foot on the ground for the assault.

Apparently, it is getting that express shipping via another reinforcement group and is currently stored aboard a destroyer dubbed the 'Heart of Midlothian'. Though that name seems familiar I can't remember where exactly I had heard it from. It has been like 8 years since I awakened my past memories and some of my memories have decayed. Most however have been kept intact so there are only a couple of things missing thankfully.

Now finished with my reminiscing, the door opens with the doctor walking in carrying a data pad. Presumably, it has scans or results of whatever tests he ran. He sat down, took a moment then spoke while looking directly at my helmeted face.

"Looks like that wound is mostly healed," said the doctor in charge of the medical department of this supply outpost, "I'd say give it another day and if there is no residual pain or other misnomers then you are fine to get back into action. Otherwise, take a visit to your chief medical officer aboard whichever ship you are positioned on,"

I nodded, "Thanks doc,". As I was about to walk out the door he bade me a warning before my departure.

"Be careful next time. You almost squeezed your insides through your wound and turned them into outsides. Similarly, had you not applied the bio-foam when you did that wound would have kept you from finishing your mission," he said sternly

"I will keep that in mind," with that I walked out of the medical ward.


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