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Half bloods


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We start our adventure at a kids shelter where are mane character is he is a 15-year-old kid who has no parents he always has seen things that others could not see but he thinks its his mind playing tricks on him till one day turns his live around he was attacked by a monster lucky him and his friend got away and some other half-blood picked them up and talked about a camp for half-blood to live and train this camp is called Agora what will Hunter Nekros do will he live or will the fates snip his life string only they know. Author note: I will be taking ideas from the Percy Jackson books and the series on youtube called origins of Olympus to make my world but I will add my own ideas gods and such but there will be stuff from both. I started this book cuz of an idea I had and I liked making the first chapters so I thought y not see if other people would like to read it to feel free to comment on it if you like it I am not the best speller so feel free to comment on my mistake. This will be my 5 book I have made I will be working on the chapters at my own past for each book but I will put some over the others thank you for trying my books hope you enjoy and my the gods look over you.


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