29 "Get Out!"

Jake was lying on the floor, giving up his small bed for his sister..

"Hey bro" Iris spoke..

"Hmm?" Jake was still looking at the text he sent Abby..

Abby didn't reply to his text leaving him on seen—It was bothering him for some reason..

Iris rolled to the edge of the bed looking down at her brother..

"You're rich right?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean.. I've seen books and comics made by you in stores and they get sold pretty well.. And you also got interviewed several times and stuff.. That means you are famous AND rich..right?"

"If you are planning on killing me tonight and stealing all my money from me then let me tell you.." he put his phone aside and looked at her..

"It won't work"

"Tch- Come on!" She said as she kicked his knee..

"I meant that.. Why haven't you moved out yet"

Jake's smile slowly faded as he quietly stared at the ceiling..

"Well.." he let out a dry chuckle..

"You see.. The only connection that's left between mom dad and me, is this house.. If I move out, I don't think I'll ever be able to see them again"

"But just living under the same roof doesn't make you a family.."

"You know.. A person who's dying from starvation won't care about the price he will have to pay to fill his stomach"

"And what about Abby.. That was their name right?"

'Maybe it's a good thing that she doesn't remember' he thought..

"What about them?"

"You like them or what?"

Once again his face turned into a tomato..

"No, what the hell you're talking about"

His reaction made Iris smirk as it was obvious that her brother liked Abby..

"Damn bro you're in love-"

Jake cut her sentence off by saying..

"It's late.. Go to sleep"

"Aww look at you.. Blushing and trying to change the topic~"

Jake turned his back toward Iris hiding his red flustered face away from her..

She continued teasing him but he never replied—Jake just had a quiet soft smile on his face as he kept thinking about how things used to be before and before he even knew it, he fell asleep..



Jake wasn't a heavy sleeper—Even the slightest noise was enough to wake him up..

Jake was deep asleep until he heard the noise of people arguing.. At first, he thought it was his parents..

He was used to waking up to his parents arguing almost every morning..

As a child, he used to hate it because he couldn't handle it—But as he grew up, he started getting used to it..

The noise of people yelling just got louder—He didn't care until he felt Iris shake his arm to wake him up..

"What do you want to let me sl-"

"Mom and Dad found Abby!"

His eyes shot open as soon as he heard what Iris said..

He looked at her to confirm that he heard the right thing..

The door of his room was wide open, all he could see from his little 'bed' was Abby with a confused expression on their face.. They couldn't understand what was happening..

As soon as Jake saw them, he rushed outside..

"Why the hell did you have to come back!! A person like you shouldn't be alive!! You already ruined our lives enough" Jake's mother said..

"I-I'm sorry I can't understand what you're-"

"Look at this pathetic b*tch playing dumb!!"

"I really can't understand!" Abby could feel warm tears slowly making their way to their cheek..

Jake's father stepped ahead and begin to yell at Abby, making them step back until they felt their back hit the wall..

Jake quickly stepped in, pushing his father away from Abby..

"Can't you freaking see that they're uncomfortable! And mom! You can't just curse someone like that the f*ck is wrong with you both!"

Jake's parents were surprised to see him yelling with anger like that.. He never yelled in front of them.. Even the day they beat and yelled at him for dating Abby years ago, he just quietly took in all their hatred not saying a single word..

One thing they didn't know about Jake was that he wasn't the same Jake anymore..

He wasn't young and immature anymore..

"Look at you!" his father shook his head with disappointment..

"Siding with the person who ruined your life!"

"No dad.. They didn't ruin my life.. You guys did.." He wasn't yelling anymore.. He was calm, his face had no expressions..

Everyone was shocked at what Jake just said including Abby..

"What did you say!! How dare you talk back to your father!!" His mother slapped him but even that didn't erase the emotionless expression on his face..

"This pathetic b*tch destroyed our family-"

"What family are you talking about? Iris was right.. Living under the same roof doesn't make you a family.. I should've moved out.. But I was a fool, hoping you guys will change someday"

"What nonsense!! You're blinded by this witch!! Do you even know how it feels when someone murders your child!!?-" his father was cut off by Jake..

"Do you know how it feels to be alive but still see people acting like you are dead? IT F*CKING MAKES YOU WISH YOU WERE ACTUALLY DEAD! But no.. How would dense people like you guys ever be able to understand someone"

"We're your parents!"

"Thanks for reminding me, MOM.. But parents are supposed to be there for their children.. Parents are supposed to love their children.. You guys just gave me life—And was also the reason why I tried ending it several times too"

"You're just ungrateful!"

"What is there to be grateful for? You were never there so what should I be thankful for?"

"We really should have killed you as soon as you were born"

Jake couldn't help but laugh at this point—A laugh that was filled with pain..

"And I agree.. If it wasn't for Abby, I would've done it myself for you guys"

Abby was quietly listening until they heard their name.. They wanted to ask what he meant by that but at that moment, they couldn't ..

"We loved you and that's how you're going to repay us!?"

"Loved me? You see that's.. where you're wrong mom.. You never loved the real me.. You guys created this image of me that died long along or maybe it never existed and .. Your love for me was based on that image.. Someone who loves you wouldn't torture their kid like this"

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