Haki in Eleceed

A one-piece fan is reincarnated into the world of Eleceed without any knowledge of the world, with the power of Haki. I do not own Eleceed or One Piece in any way; the story doesn't belong to me. Credits go to the original author The cover picture is not mine

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Light Cavalry HQ

"What did you call me here for?"

I asked as I entered father's office.

"There are a few things father and I wanted to discuss with you but he seems to be busy with something at the moment. So, feel free to do whatever till he comes back."

"It's not like him to be late to a meeting. Is he okay? Or has he finally gone senile?" I asked as I took a seat at the couch and got busy playing Beach Buggy Racing on my phone.

"Don't speak about your grand father like that. You need to respect him. He has done and sacrificed a lot for our family."

"Doesn't everyone sacrifice for their family when the time comes for that? Why are you making it sound like he did us a favour?" I said without looking up from my phone.

I have always found that argument really weird. I mean if it comes to it, even I would sacrifice and risk my life to protect my family. Everyone does that it is a basic duty.

It shouldn't be like he sacrificed a lot for us so he is a saint. No, if someone makes sacrifices for their family, then they are normal. If they don't then they are scum.

At least that is how I think.

*Sigh* "I don't wanna argue with you on that. Besides, your grandpa just texted me. He is gonna take a lot of time so be back here in 2 hours. You are free to go for now."

As soon as Dad said those words, I got up and left.

It had been a while since I came here. Back when I was a kid I used to spend almost all of my days here but when father built that house for me and Charlotte, we stopped coming here all together.

This place brings back memories. It had been exactly 4 years since I came here and it is still the same.

The HQ is basically a skyscraper with 50 floors.

The lower 10 floors is the administrative area where they take care of commercial businesses and everything related to it. In reality this is the HQ of one of the awakened groups but we keep a front of being a security company. That also explains the presence of training grounds if some govt. official comes to check.

The rest of the floors till 20th are for medical care. Then till 30th are living place for those who wish to stay or those who do not have a place to live. After that till 40th floor are the training grounds. The rest above are also for administration but for business related to the world of awakeners.

Searching the entire floor and not finding who I was looking for, I thought if she would still be training some people. Not giving it another thought, I went to the training grounds and that was exactly where I found her.

"Your punches are weak!! Put more strength into them!!"

"Yes Ma'am!!"

I felt pity for the guy who was getting bullied by Aunt Sarah.

No she is not related to me by blood.

She was actually my trainer during the starting of my training and she is actually just a fun person to be around.

"Alright that's enough. Although you have improved you are still very lacking compared to your peers. Work on your hand-to-hand combat techniques. It doesn't matter if you are a long range fighter."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Alright. Next!"

"Do you mind giving me a lecture too?"

I said as I stepped into the arena, completely ignoring the other girl who was about to step in for her turn.

Looking at me she grinned widely, "Well if it isn't my favourite student. What brought you here? Did you got bored chasing after girls?"

"....Ouch. That was uncalled for."

"Sorry. Sorry. But anyway, I am busy. After this, I have a meeting with the chairman and then I have other matters to attend to. So come back later."

"Wow! You are meeting me for the first time in 4 years and the only thing that came to your mind were hurting my feelings?"

"Oh don't be such a girl. Unless you want to take over their training to give me enough time to attend the meeting simultaneously there is nothing I can do."

"Well that's an obvious trap."

"Yeah but you will do that anyway." she walked past me while patting my shoulder and then walked out of the training room.

I looked around and noticed that there were about 5 people still remaining. Considering that it takes about 20 minutes or more for training one person, it will take me about 2 hours.

I couldn't help but sigh and just get this thing over with. I took off my jacket and asked whoever's turn it was to come forward and a blonde girl stepped in.

"What is your name and ability?"

"I am Kara. It is weak but my ability is Hydrokinesis." she replied

"Alright. Well let's see what you have got. Don't think about holding back at all."

"Yes! Sir!"

She said and dashed towards me and launched a punch at my face which I dodged by sidestepping and kicking her stomach. Sending her flying and crashing into the ground leaving me completely speechless.

"U-Umm...why didn't you use your ability just now?" I was skeptical and felt pretty bad about hurting her.

"U-Uh.....Sir? She found out that she is an awakened one just a month ago. So she can't use her powers that much which is why Ms. Sarah was teaching her just basic hand to hand combat techniques."

".....Ohhh. Well nothing we can do about that now."

I walked closer to see her condition, "Are you okay? or do you need to go to the infirmary?"

"....I-I am okay"

"Okay.....then get up. We are going to continue now."


"What? You are the one who said you are okay."


"Get up we don't have all day."

"....Yes" She got up staggering on her feet still holding her stomach with her hand.

"This time use your ability to help you in close combat."

"....How do I do that?"

"Use your imagination. And don't worry I am here to help you through the process but you have to take the first step."

She seemed to have gained some confidence and this time, concentrated her energy on her fists while running and sent a small blast of water at me.

I dodged and then tanked her punch.

"Good. You used water to create an opening to land an attack and the power behind it wasn't half bad. Though you need to work on your balance and weight distribution. But this isn't what I wanted. Try shaping the water in a form of a weapon like a gauntlet or something and harden it. Also, try not to use those water blasts since you will run out of energy much sooner if you do that."

She nodded and closed her eyes and just moments later, she had a thin water-glove type of thing on her fists. It looked weak but it should still be more powerful than her normal punches.

She threw a punch at me which I again tanked but this time I was pushed a cm back.

"Notice the difference?"

"Yeah. Thank you!!", she said and was about to walk away

"Wait. Where do you think you are going?" I asked in a stern voice


"We aren' done here until I say we are done got it?" I said as I placed a hand on her shoulder with a devilish grin plastered on my face.




"Use your imagination as much as you can and find some inspiration from anywhere you can get. If you can't do that, think about the nature of your ability. Water as fluid is naturally much denser and viscous as a fluid so it can be easily used to slow down attacks or can be used as an armour."



"Your punches are weak."



"It's like you are not even trying. Come on!!"



"No you are not tired yet. Get back up now!!"



"Your body is stiff. There is no point in having muscles without mobility you idiot!"



As promised, I had taught all 5 of the remaining rookies with the best of my abilities. They were all lying on the ground due to exhaustion so I asked one of the other people over there to take them to the infirmary so they can get a proper rest.

I looked at the time and realised that the 2 hours were already up. So, I made my way back to dad's office.

Grandpa was already there and then they all went on about not offending one of the most powerful families but thankfully they did not say to hide my powers over there because that would simply drive me nuts.

They also then started telling me about all the rules and regulations to me which raised a huge problem for me as I found out that I can't use my phone on campus.

I can sneak it in though. I mean what will they do if they caught it, tell my parents? Go ahead I don't care.

I also got to know about the status of the business that we started from my idea.

I had suggested my father to go deep into electrical products and to set up a business related to that since I found out that there is no Apple, Samsung, Sony and other major brands in this world. Even for their replacement they did not have a major company but numerous small companies.

He took my opinion related to the business matters seriously because even my previous suggestion a few years ago about getting into automobile industry was a success for our group and that business is still raking in profits to this day.

Moving on, right now, compared to my world, the quality of these products are terrible as well. However, to set up the business and to create things like cellphones, computers, etc. we need to buy the electrical parts.

And where else to buy it from then the leading exporter of electrical products and machinery in the whole world, South Korea.

But there is a complication. The company that is the biggest producer of the required products are under the most powerful group of Korea, the Shinhwa group. That is also the group where my Mom belonged to before marrying Dad.

It wouldn't have been a bad thing had Dad not cheated on her and more so if Shinhwa hadn't found out about it. And since Shinhwa has changed leaders, we do not have the same connection to them as we used to before.

But I don't need to care about it so much since I am not the person who actually has to go over there nor do I care about the business either. I had just given a suggestion and a way to monopolise the market for a few years. I don't care if the business is a success or not. That is dad's responsibility.

Though it is a bummer I guess. Korea is a beautiful country and considering that it is just a small and weak in comparison to the rest of the world, I can live pretty large over there. Not to mention there is someone over there extremely powerful who I actually admire.

Although Korea is indeed a week nation compared to giants like USA, Russia, China and India. There is always an enigma to be found somewhere and in this case it is Mr. Seongik Han. Who was previously Korea's strongest.

He ranked in the upper top 50 before he retired. He once had a fight against my grandfather and he defeated him while only suffering minor injuries and that too when his ability is the same as ours. Basically, he is or was a beast.



"I got a detailed report about you 'little' party last night."

'Damn his eyes are scary as fuck!!'

"....Wh-what do you mean?" I tried to feign ignorance but trailed off at the end.

"Are you really going to pretend you don't know?"

"Alright fine. But can't I just party before going too that ridiculously boring place-"

"Mark was found in a trash can in an ally with a bunch of baby goats. The night club you went to was trashed beyond recognition and I had to get up at 2 AM in the morning to bribe the police to not have you and Mark arrested."

'Well can't argue with that'

*Sigh* "I am gonna let this go this time since you will be going away tomorrow..."


"...but if this thing happens again."

He was smiling but his eyes told the truth. I felt shivers down my spine as I looked at his face.

Moving on, I was there in the office for some more time before they let me go and I went to Sarah to hang out and catch up.

She is the only person who isn't a family member but is an awakened one and knows about my girlfriend and I am also one of the very few people who knows about her girlfriend though her girlfriend is also an awakened one so I don't understand why she is keeping her a secret. We chatted for a while till she had to leave.

Then I went to Emily to spend some time with her and after it got dark I simply went home to sleep.