Hades in Marvel

MC dies, gets ROBed then becomes hades in marvel verse with a mishmash of others as well.

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5 Hyperion's death

After I finished working on my weapon I immediately started customizing the Underworld. I first created a reincarnation cycle since the only reason humans aren't extinct yet is because their soul is so simple, hence easy to be created naturally. Reincarnation is very important for a sentient species since the smarter/stronger the soul the harder it's to be created from the natural world, and since souls are trapped in the Underworld, none would be supplied leading to a weaker species and eventually souless babies, causing extinction if not fixed before it was too late. So I created a system for their reincarnation. First the souls would appear in the Underworld, then be pulled into river Styx to be cleansed of all memories or sin, and then be dropped back off into the mortal realm. Simple, I know, but with higher tier souls, it'll have to be more complicated but this is fine for now.

Next, I got the Cyclops and Hekatonchires to live in the Underworld. It was really simple since they can hardly live anywhere else and they need the heat of the Underworld to do their craft and live comfortably. I've asked a fortress be built inside a mountain I created at the center of the Underworld Although I could have done it myself, my architecture style amounts to a big rectangle with pillars, my color scheme mostly being black, grey, red, and marble, lots, and lots of marble. So I had them do it instead.

I've been in the Underworld for about half a year, not long considering we're God's, but it's about time things get rolling.


Zeus pov

I hate this. As soon as I saw him I knew he would be threat to my plans, but I controlled myself. What should I have done, killed him? If only it were so simple.

When I sent him to the Underworld I knew he would face no issues. I've been there before and for some reason, Hades reeks of it(Aura kinda), as if he was born there. He recently persuaded the Cyclops and Hekatonchires to be permanent citizens there, while still being alive, so now he has very competent soldiers who know how to make soul weapons, great... He also remodeled and rounded up all those retched 'Humans', as Prometheus calls them. I honestly have no idea why he would task himself to create a reincarnation cycle for such useless beings. He should just let them die out. Finally what really confirmed my caution, was him refusing the Cyclops's make him a weapon, insisting he make himself one. Like zoinks Scoob where did he even learn to make that. However, to my anger they decided to gift him one anyway, 'The Helm Of Darkness', that makes him invisible, amplify his death magic, and gives him a fear aura big enough to surround an entire continent. I really must think of a plan to keep him under contro-

"Hello brother, I'm back."

"Cyaaaa!" yelling manily, I look at the offender, seeing Hades standing there with a grin on his face.

After I got a better look at him he was wearing a black toga with gold etchings on the edges with burning skulls near the chest and outstretched, skeletal hands reaching up from his waist, as if asking for salvation.


"Zeus. I've finished rearranging my domain so let's get on with this war."

"Finally, we can begin. With our new weapons enhancing our powers they don't stand a chance.

We've recently spotted Hyperion scouting the forests for something, though we have no idea what." From what I've gathered from souls it's supposedly a golden 3 headed hydra that spews lightning and is suspected to only be a baby, but that's impossible... right?


(A forest somewhere, Hades pov)

Dodging a Lazer beam I fire a wave of Orange fire toward Hyperion. We were currently engaged in a 1 vs 1 and to be honest, it was disappointingly easy.

Doing a dodge roll he barely escapes the flames as hot as the surface of the sun, slightly burning his toga. Patting the cinders out he glares at me.

"Boy!" I proceed to walk all over him, not even bothering to bring out my weapon. I sprint toward him nearly instantly in his personal space.

Jabbing toward his face he perfectly dodges reacting at nearly light speeds, countering with a punch to my ribs infused with his power over light, disintegrating my toga and burning my skin slightly. Taking the pain I grab his throat gripping it as tight as I can, causing creaking noise as his throat closes and spine cracks. lifting him up 3 feet into the air I bring him down with the force of death itself, causing the remaining life around us to wither, ground turn black, and Hyperion to vomit blood, a crater forming around us.

"Bastard!" He says through a groan.

Now my skin starts burning, my face melting off as I activate my Death God trait. My beautiful face now replaced by a bleached skull, black flames erupting from my neck enshrouding my skull, and a despair causing golden crown floating inches above my head head, my body following the same theme turning into a skeleton, now at 11ft tall, towering over Hyperion's crumbled form lying in the crater.

"Now as the sun sets, as do your hopes, dreams and future, for the end has arrived." Not giving him the chance to do his own transformation I summon my halberd in a burst of fire and channel my domain of death and soul through it. "May your next life be more productive." Hooking the axe head around his neck, I pull, painfully ripping his soul out of his corpse, while beheading him at the same time. Grabbing a glass bottle prepared specially for this occasion I bottle up his soul that has lost its humanoid form, turning into a bright golden orb and hang it on my belt.

Seconds pass as nothing seems to happen in the now silent, dead, field.

'Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I thought someth-!'

The world turned black as it felt as if someone turned out the lights as I couldn't see even an inch from my face. Moments later they came back on as if it never happened at all. Well that was worse than I thought.