Hades in Marvel

MC dies, gets ROBed then becomes hades in marvel verse with a mishmash of others as well.

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17. Wake up samurai

Slightly flinching at the imposing Lord of Dreams, Angela steels her nerves. She's going to finally talk to her idol, the person that gave her another life and power. Before now she's only had Demeter to explain who he is, but now she's going to see from the source. She was a little nervous that much was obvious, even to Dream currently staring at her.

With slow hands she opens the regular looking door in front of her, a click sounding as the she turns the knob fully. She opens the door seeing Hades and Slaanesh none the wiser. Looking at them both relaxing she decided to just do it. Fuck it we ball.

Steeling herself she walks through the door, the soft beach sand touches her feet. Without further ado she walks up to Hades ensuring she's in his line of sight. They both perk up at the new guest.

'What's she doing here? Must be another dream or something.' Hades thinks seeing Angela, nothing like this has happened while he was staying here but he just assumed it's normal, after all he is in the realm of imagination.

"Lord Hades, it's time to wake up." Angela says with false confidence.

"It always amazes me how well you mimic the real world, but why Angela?" Looking at Slaanesh he asks why she would imitate Angela when there were so many better people to imitate, especially when it came to his memories of video games then again she does look like mercy from overwatch so maybe that's why.

"Hey! I'm real!" Ignoring her Hades continues to look at Slaanesh.

"Oh, I'm not the one who brought her here, it looks like Lord Morpheus has finally tired of your residency here. I suppose I'll go." Getting up from her chair she stretches her seductive body and then walks away. A blink later and she was gone.

"What's the point." Standing up as well Hades chugs his imaginary lemonade till its gone, the glass dissipating in motes of light. His eyebrow twitching in annoyance.

"IF THE KING OF DREAMS WANTS ME TO LEAVE HIS REALM, HE WILL HAVE TO ASK ME HIMSELF!" With a voice booming throughout his dream Hades demands to see Dream.

"NOT SEND ME THESE PUPPETS!" Motioning at Angela he continues to otherwise ignore her. She was stunned at Hades screaming at the sky.

"Hey I'm real! Helloo!" Up in his face she waves her hand in a bid to get his attention.

With a swat, she's launched away from him, her body skidding in the sand, Hades completely oblivious to the fact that she's the real Angela. Then again he has been surrounded by fantasy for over a century.

A beam of light suddenly blasts into Hades side, a sand covered woman on the other end. Unprepared he blasts off the ground his body catapulted into the sand until he comes to a stop.

'I don't want to be here any longer than I have to, sure I like sleeping, but I could've done so much in the last century if I wasn't sleeping. I've been here too long to just leave without seeing the person capable of making all of this.' Spitting a clump of sand out of his mouth he stands up, his glasses broken exposing his demonic fiery charcoal like eyes as they zero in on Angela, her form wreathed in light and her face and hair disheveled from Hades slapping her away.

"You do know this is futile, right?" Hades starts walking toward her, his body heating up with each step he takes causing the sand to turn to a chromatic smooth glass.

"This is my dream after all." Suddenly the scenery changes. The ocean recedes, and the sand turns to rock as he continues to advance on Angela. Her face the picture of stunned. Volcanoes, and dark mountains sprout in the distance, as if Hades is adding features to his drawing. The bright sunny sky darkens to a deep blood red as white ash and orange embers start to fall like light snow.

Flames creep up hades forearms, continuing his advance to a stunned Angela. Coming right in front of her, his comparably massive form of 9ft(~3m) forcing him to look down on her like a child as he addresses her again.

"Reality can be whatever I want. So go back to wherever you were before the Dream King sent to get me like a mother getting the step-dad to deal with her kid. My realm is fine, my duties are being fulfilled and I'm immortal. I can be here for as long as I want... unless of course the lord of dreams would like to ask me to leave personally!" Explaining why he's still here, to meet the king of dreams, he tells her to go away, forcing his presence on her to the maximum.

Feeling intimidated even as she was covered in her own power, the aura of fire and death Hades was releasing was enough to make her legs limp. To make matters worse she couldn't even look into his eyes to try to gain a modicum of control. Whenever she did she felt her own eyes start to burn such that she instinctively looked away. Her head turned downward from his overwhelming presence she tries to reason with him.

"Please Lord Hades, Dream has absolute control in his realm and has threatened to expel you if you continue to dream and refuse to wake up. He summoned me hoping that you would willingly wake up before he had to take personal action. Please, Wake Up." Nearly begging for him to wake up she makes her case, Hades power crushing her all the while. She saw who dream was just before entering and knew he was a person similar in Hades in the fact that they liked things going their way and despised things that didn't. She knew that if Hades didn't do what he wanted than Dream would do something dangerous.

"I think it's time for you to go. When I wake up you better be prepared to face the consequences of betraying me."

"I would nev-" Before she can finish her sentence Hades mutters a spell, [Instant Death- Mortal Severance] and suddenly she was back in the Underworld, still sitting in her lawn chair, her drink spilled into the black soil. Jumping slightly at the sensation of dying in her dream she quickly stands up with fear, a moment later and she sits back down realizing that there is nowhere to go. This is Hades world after all.

Back in Hades dream he continues to yell at the sky, demanding an audience with Dream.

"I have killed your messenger! So tell me! What now!" His dream continues to change and morph to whatever he wants, from beach to hell, from space to the surface of the sun to the bottom of the sea then back to a clear beach, it was his dream after all.

"I have waited a hundred years to see you, King of Dreams, do not think I plan on leaving unsatisfied! So come! Face me.. O' Morpheus!"

*FrawPuf* A man suddenly falls from the sky, his dark form a stark contrast from the light blue sky.

Sand kicks up as he lands with a puff. He was of average height with a lean almost anorexic build, wearing a skin fitting black suit with white assents on the forearms. His face was sharp with a defined jaw, and straight eyebrows, his black hair ruffled to one side.

"How do you know that name?" His dark gravelly voice heard clearly even from so far away.

"I know a lot of things, especially about you, Dream of the Endless."