Guarding Impel Down For A Hundred Years, I Am Invincible

Travel to the world of pirates more than a hundred years ago and become the jailer of Impel Down Ryuu originally wanted to live in Impel Down eating salted fish and waiting to die for the rest of his life, but his strength did not allow it. A hundred years passed quickly, and Ryuu became the youngest and longest-serving director in the history of Impel Down. Cultivate and discover countless talents He is the founder of Six Styles Charlotte Linlin was his disciple as a child Garp and Zephyr were his disciples Aokiji and Kizaru served as impel down jailers A large number of Vice Admirals also studied under him In addition, there are young Roger, Rayleigh, Whitebeard, Golden Lion, Bullet... Unknowingly. A huge 'kingdom' called Impel down, spread across the sea! ! ! Ryuu: "I am neither a Marine nor a CP. As the evil nemesis of Impel down, it should be reasonable to capture a few Celestial Dragons to transform!" --------- [One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda, I'm just a fan translator. You can find the same book by simply typing his name on Google.] [It's a translation of a One Piece fanfic that I like. I've read up to chapter 93 and now I have it on pause. I'm surprised it's not on Webnovel. I'll translate it with ChatGPT. I'll modify a couple of things, like Chinese names, fights costing the MC, the MC's name, etc.]

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Chapter 17: Gathering of the five elders! The skill of the lord of the dead!

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The kidnapping of Sister Carmel, a human trafficker, has come to an end. Ryuu's words come first.

No matter what the CP0 trio says, the sailors would no longer believe them. Ryuu ordered the Marines, "Incarcerate them immediately with the other pirate prisoners and prepare to break into Impel Down."

The two kidnapped brothers also returned home safely. I wish them the best.

After dealing with the human trafficking nun, Ryuu was free of worries. In the coming days, he would enjoy playing in Elbaf with Rear Admiral Tia, awaiting the conclusion of Vice Admiral Karl's negotiations with the royal family. The days were quite relaxed and happy.



At the same time, reports about the Elbaf trafficker incident were transmitted to the Naval Headquarters.

At the same time, they also reached the ears of the World Government, and even the Five Elders were alarmed.

|The highest level of the Red Line|

|The center of the world|

|Holy Land Mariejois.|

In the luxurious white jade hall, five elders are either sitting or standing. They were the Five Elders who represent the highest power in the world on the surface. If Ryuu were here, he would be surprised. Here were five more well-known Canon characters.


The Five Elders gathered here are the five people Ryuu knew. Hundreds of years ago, the positions of the Five Elders also rotated. But from a certain generation, the seats of the Five Elders gradually became fixed.

Starting with Saint Marcus Mars, who trained a person with the Op-Op Fruit ability and inflicted the Immortal Surgery on himself, followed by the other elders over time. Until a hundred years ago, the position of the Five Elders was no longer rotated, handled by the five people present at this moment.

In general, the mere failures of three CP0 agents should not have alarmed the Five Elders at all. It's just that this time things are a bit special. The captured trafficker was a beloved nun who recently facilitated the relationship between humans and giants.

Worse still, it is the World Government that deals with human traffickers. If such a scandal spreads, the World Government will lose face. But as a giant that has dominated the pirate world for seven hundred years, the World Government's public relations capabilities are still very strong. The first thing they did was control the spread of the theory.

"That boy from Impel Down is really good. He did something like this on his first trip. His mission was simply to escort the giant. He's very meddlesome!" Saint Topman Warcury, who had a bald head and a birthmark, and the mustache of Doctor Ivo Robotnik, spoke coldly.

"You can't say that. That boy probably stumbled upon that transaction. As the director of Impel Down, it is his duty to take vigorous action against law and discipline!" said Shepherd Ju Peter, who has a golden beard and appears relatively younger.

"Anyway, if it weren't for him, this wouldn't have happened. Moreover, CP0 has already announced his identity, and that guy still doesn't stop. This is a provocation!"

"I don't think so," Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, who wears black brimmed hats and has curly aristocratic hair, offered his own opinion.

"I think that guy from Impel Down is simply stupid and naive. Naturally, he doesn't know much about CP0 since he stayed in Impel Down! Suddenly he encountered human trafficking and one of the parties claimed to be the World Government he worked for. How could he believe it?"

"Innately evil, powerful, with such a pure character and unconditional trust in our World Government, this is a talent that is rare to see in a century! I think it would be a good idea to incorporate him into our staff and join the central government leadership!"

As Saint Saturn's words fell, the enormous palace of the Five Elders fell silent. All the Five Elders frowned thoughtfully, mentally evaluating Ryuu's value and taking their time.

Dressed in a white practice kimono and holding a lifelong sword, Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro, who looked like a samurai, adjusted his glasses and spoke.

"Regarding what that boy from Impel Down said, to be honest, the more I think about it, the more uneasy I feel. I always sense he's being shady and insinuative!"

"That boy might be hiding more than we thought!" Saint Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro expressed his concerns.

"I feel the same way!" Warcury, the bald one with the birthmark, also spoke.

"You're worrying too much. He's just an innocent and straightforward boy who has stayed in Impel Down for twenty-five years and is unfamiliar with the world. He's not an old monster!" said the elder Shepherd Ju Peter.

The greatest powers in the world, five in total, now have two differing opinions. One person remained silent; he was also the first of the Five Elders to undergo the immortality surgery.

"Let's observe him for a while for now!" Finally, Saint Marcus Mars gave his own response.



The incident involving the human traffickers and nuns has gradually been calming down under the great hand of the World Government. In just a few days, many people at sea didn't care anymore. However, not everyone gave up.

Due to the detention of Sister Carmel, a great force in this sea of this era, 'The Lord of the Undead,' one of the six kings, took action.

In a certain turbulent sea area in the New World, an enormous pirate ship sailed like a small island. The ship's name is the terrifying Cobra! It belongs to Barbossa, Lord of the Dead!

Amid a violent storm, wearing a captain's hat, the ugly captain of the Undead Pirates, Barbossa, stood high on the island ship. There was a strange and inexplicable smile on his face.

"Hahahahaha, Carmel, I told you before, you can't escape from my hands! When I rescue you from the Marines, you will join my undead pirate crew and become my woman! With your soul fruit ability, along with my power, we will definitely form the strongest undead army!"

Barbossa, the captain of the Undead Pirates, laughed wildly.


A foul-smelling circus monkey climbed up the mast to perch on Barbossa's shoulder, handing him a blood-stained invitation.

The red light flickers, and atop the mast stood a man in a bloodied cloak.

"You are... the younger brother of Redbeard!"

Barbossa squinted slightly.

"Barbossa, if you want a woman, we can have anything you want there. Why should you be the dog licking after an old hag and go through all the trouble to rescue her? In the end, you won't be able to get her!"

"It's better to consider forming an alliance with us. Believe me, what we are planning now is the most luxurious 'feast' in history! If we succeed, the whole world will fall into our hands!"

Derek, the vice-captain of the Redbeard Pirates and master beast tamer, smiled.

"Hahahaha, to be honest, I'm somewhat interested in your plan, but..."

Barbossa, the captain of the Undead Pirates, changed the subject.

"If you want to talk about cooperation, wait until I save Carmel from the damned Marines! My undead army, awaken! Fight for me!"

Buzz, buzz!

The wind howled.

Ho, ho, ho, ho!

Ghosts cry and wolves howl. Thin, withered zombie hands emerged from the ground, like a group of demons dancing wildly.



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