Guardian of the Sky

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What is Guardian of the Sky

Read ‘Guardian of the Sky’ Online for Free, written by the author BeyondBreaking, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: A species of winged beings called the Nephil are seen as the divine messengers of gods.However, during an event in time,...


A species of winged beings called the Nephil are seen as the divine messengers of gods. However, during an event in time, kingdoms began questioning the religion that act as these wing beings are seen as evil. This is the story of a child's rise to stop all evil as the lone survivor of the sky. Let him be the Guardian who protects all.

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The suicide of a high school girl following the rejection of her crush whom she confessed to roused the soul of a Scorpio Planet Marshal from her 200 million years of slumber — she reincarnated into the body of Xuan Mo. And so, she decided to live on Earth on behalf of the girl! However, it was quite the miserable situation for an alien to own two different sets of memories. She had to use her peculiar mental power to peep into the previous owner’s memories regarding everyday, mundane matters while trying to rein in her cutting aura pretending to be a normal human… But her shocking performance during military training definitely must have floored everyone. Okay fine, her incredible finesse aside, what’s with the consecutive bullseye for every single round during their shooting competition? Was this something a normal female student is able to achieve? Shouldn’t you explain yourself a little damnit! And what’s with the multiple grade jumps, and being contended for by the various prestigious universities? What kinda havoc you try’na wreck with your low-key flaunting? I mean it’s a good thing she’s caught the eye of a special organisation and was entrusted with important tasks, but what’s with all aloof rule-breaking gameplay? She’s practically the walking definition of “hated by even the gods”. What’s even stranger was that Xuan Mo’s only ever interested in warring matters and battling; she’ll only ever pay her ferociously blooming blossom luck as much heed as she minds the passing cloud with the mindset of crossing the bridge when she reaches it (wipes sweat) and can you be less insensitive when handling the various Earthlings’ endless crushing and eye-candying you?! This all screeches to a halt however when she discovers the existence of someone else from her home-planet, so she’ll be needing a raincheck with the getting a “spouse” part of mortal life on the Blue Planet. Of course, we’re discussing this on the premise that she wanted to return home…

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Ultimate Young Master

"Young master, did you see that guy over there?" "Yes, what about him?" "The sect's number one beauty misa looked at him for a second!" "Hmm!!" *Stares intently* ... "Young Master, you see that guy with unimaginable tricks?" "Uhhmm?." "He's breathing!" "Then he's courting death!" ... Remy is a website developer, anime lover, maintenance supervisor, and freelance novel author who hates system users or any kind of protagonist. He hates system users because they would let someone else INSIDE command them, and ENSLAVE them to become powerful. 'Where's the pride as a man?' Hated the main characters because most of them commit genocide and kills children and have tons of experience but get easily offended by young master bullies. 'You an old fellow in a child's body! Why are you so fickle that you get easily offended by random brats?!' That's why Remy always dreamed of becoming a young master and bully these main characters and system users. However, he died of a heart attack because of the happiness he felt when he succeeded in putting a cheat in his HONEY-BADGER-LIKE beast in a ROM HACK of a game he is working on. But... He was given another chance to a place where he can go to countless worlds and dimensions along with HIS GAME CHEATS and BADASS HONEY-BADGER by a powerful individual, which is, the brother of the little girl he unknowingly saved in the past. "Protagonist? Time Traveler back in time old a*shole? System users?" "With my badass honey-badger and cheats! One wrong move and All of you will be courting death!"

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Well from the synopsis I think this gonna be a good novel, considering that there's only one chapter for now. So I'm waiting for more chapter and hoping for good story development.


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