Can’t You See that Luosang Likes Me?

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During the sponge bath, Nian Junting felt a little uncomfortable because the steward's hands were too rough, not as soft and tender as Luosang's. Her hands felt like silk on his skin.

Also the steward was too heavy-handed, not as gentle as Luosang.

Furthermore, the steward had a strange scent, which was nothing like the refreshing aroma that he could sense from Luosang when she got near him. He really didn't like the scent from the steward.

So, Nian Junting glanced at the steward in dislike. The steward was frightened badly as he didn't know what he did wrong.

After the sponge bath, Nian Junting went out of the bathroom and saw Nian Xi talking to Luosang by a window.

"Let's go put on fireworks, ignore my brother," she said.

"I hired her to take of me, not to play with you," Nian Junting pulled a long face and said without showing any patience or gentleness some brothers would show to their little sisters.

"There's only our father and grandparents in this house, who am I supposed to play with?" Nian Xi stomped her foot and pouted, saying, "The steward will take care of you anyway."

"No," Nian Junting turned down her request, then said to Luosang, "Luosang, go get me some grapefruit, I want some."

'So grapefruit-peeling again. He has eaten four grapefruits in one day. Can't he get tired of that? What a grapefruit-eating monster,' thought Luosang.

"Excuse me, Miss. Nian, I need to peel grapefruits," Luosang gave Nian Xi a very helpless smile and said.

Looking at her back, Nianxi felt deeply sorry for her. "Brother, can I borrow Sister Luosang for half a day tomorrow afternoon?" said Nianxi to her brother, "I think Sister Luosang is really a nice person, but she's thirty and is still unmarried. Tomorrow, Aunt Rong's son will come to visit Grandpa, and I want to introduce him to Sister Luosang. I plan to take them to a movie, as a hot film will be on tomorrow. Maybe they'll like each other."

Aunt Rong used to be their grandmother's carer. She was really nice, so her entire family was taken care of by the Nian Family. Her son was named Rong Ye, thirty-four years old. He had contracted for an orchard, and had been managing it well. He wasn't bad-looking, and was unmarried.

Nian Junting paused briefly when hearing his sister, and soon began shaking his head.

"Brother, don't be so cruel. It's only gonna be one afternoon. Perhaps, one decision of yours will lead to a wonderful marriage," Nian Xi begged him, "Rong Ye is gentle and hardworking, while Sister Luosang is kind and capable. I really think they'll be a good match."

"Luosang won't like Rong Ye," said Nian Junting affirmatively.

"Why not?" Asked Nian Xi.

Nian Junting glanced at her, his eyes were saying 'You're so stupid'.

"Can't you see that Luosang likes me?" He asked his sister.

Nian Xi was dumbfounded to hear that. "I truly can't…" she blinked and said.

Nian Junting snorted slightly, wondering why would someone as handsome and smart as himself has a little sister as silly and slow-minded as Nian Xi. "If she isn't fond of me, would she risk her own safety to save me yesterday? Didn't you say it yourself that even as my sister you wouldn't shield me against that bucket of piss? And, there's something you don't know yet. She's been trying to allure me all the time, regardless of settings. Wasn't that clear enough? She only has me in her heart now," he said.

Nian Xi was speechless.

She felt that she had a group of crows flying across her mind while cawing loudly. As her brother had always been strangely confident, she surely didn't believe what he said.

"But it's not good for her to carry a torch for me like that," Nian Junting suddenly frowned and said, "She's not my type at all. Ah, never mind, you should introduce her to Rong Ye. She might come round and see him as the second best choice."

"Alright…" Nian Xi felt that her brain wasn't even working.

At that moment, Luosang walked over, carrying a cut-up grapefruit.