57 Talking with Ah Yin

The next day in the morning, when Yuan woke up, he saw Bibi Dong lying on him.

"Wake up! Dong'er! You have a meeting Today."

Yuan whispered to Bibi Dong, who was lying on him with a smile.

'She is looking so cute that I don't want to wake her up.'

"Nwoh! 5 Minutes later Yuan." Bibi Dong whispered in her sleep and turned around.

Seeing her like this, Yuan left her and went to take a shower. He also created a seal to slow down the Time in the Room.

After the Shower, he came to the room and saw Bibi Dong sitting with messy hair, she was rubbing her eyes while stretching herself.

"You are awake! You can sleep more if you want." Yuan said as he changed his clothes.

"Mmm! I am awake now. Good Morning Dear."

"Good Morning Dong'er."

As Bibi Dong, cleansed herself and the surrounding, the room was as good as new. She also changed her clothes to the Pope's Uniform.

"Let's have breakfast," Yuan said as he created a Dinning Table and Food.

"No matter how much I see, I am still amazed by your skill. It really is an amazing cheat." Bibi Dong said as she sat down on her chair, and took the Coffee.

"Hehe! It is. So, What's the plan for today. You said that you will be in seclusion for 30 days, and it's only 20 days and you called them for a meeting."

"I am bored, and Now I will start the plan for Spirit Hall. But before that, I have to settle some debts."

"Emotional or Monetary?" Yuan joked as he heard her.

As he said, Bibi Dong threw a water bullet at him, which he dodged easily.

"It's about Xue'er and Qian Daoliu."

"So you are gonna tell her the truth?"

"Yeah! I know just how much I have wronged her, and now that I have gotten over my grudge against 'him', It's better to start anew."

"But! It will destroy the current relationship you have with her, which I think isn't bad, but after telling her everything, Either you two would become close, or the relationship would get destroyed."

"I know! But I believe in her." Bibi Dong said with a slight smile.

"Do you need any help? I can show her everything if you want."

"No! That would put pressure on her, and even though I will tell her everything, I don't want her to hate her father too much, which I know would be impossible."

"Talking about extremes. Well! It's your choice, just know that I am here, and if you want any help, you can tell me, and I will tell you a secret about Qian Daoliu..."

Saying this, Yuan whispered something to Bibi Dong, which caused her to widen her eyes, and then a sly expression appeared on her face.

"Hehe! This will be a good plan. Thank You, Dear." Saying this, Bibi Dong kissed his cheek and left the room.

Yuan smiled at her, and then he looked at the chat group.

He knew everyone must be busy in the morning, so he decided to talk about everything related to the chat group in the evening.

"Now what should I do?"

As he said, he felt a contact.

Appearing outside, he saw his familiar that he had forgotten about, It was Blue Silver Grass Emperor.

Holding it in his hand, Yuan tried to sense her spirit, and then he appeared in a Mindscape.

"We Finally Meet, Ah Yin," Yuan said as he looked at her human form.

But the look on her face was different than he had imagined. He had thought she would have a cold face for binding her with himself, but instead, he saw her cheerful expression.

"Hehe! Yes! We finnaly meet. Nice to meet you, I am Ah Yin."

"Eh? This welcome wasn't expected by me." Yuan said with a strange expression.

"Ehhhh! Master Divine Tree isn't happy to meet me?"

"What did you say? Divine Tree? Who?"

"Of course, you are the Divine Tree."

As Yuan heard her, he remembered himself messing with genes and he took Kaguya's genes, which would have merged with God Tree.

'So that's what it is. But does Divine Tree exist in this world?'

"Can you explain about Divine Tree? And stop calling me Master, You can call me Yuan instead?" Yuan said to her, but it looked like he had asked her to do an impossible thing.

"Ah! No! No! No! How can I say Master's name? As for Divine Tree, I don't know much, but after I looked at you, all I knew was that you were Divine Tres."

'So The Tree doesn't exist. It's good, But If I am a Divine tree, will all the Elves, Fairies, and spirits follow me? Heh! What am I even thinking by creating a flag like this?'

"It's okay, I came to check because I felt your contact. Why did you call me?"

"Ah! Master, It was because I wanted to ask for help."

"And what help do you want?"

"I wanted to ask you to take me to the place with Blue Silver King, I would recover earlier at that place."

'Well! I have nothing to do, Might as well take her, and Then I can go and meet Gu Yuena too.'

As Yuan thought, he used Senrigan and got to know the location of both places.

"Let's Go, I will take you to the place, Buy don't you have anything to ask? Like about Tang Hao and Tang San."

"If it was before, I would have asked to confirm about them, but now, I don't need to."

'After All, I have something important to do now. I never knew my Master was Divie Tree, It's a Pity that I didn't know before, or I would have never left him.'

Ah Yin thought, as she looked at Yuan.

Yuan looked at her calm expression and felt something was wrong. Shrugging it off, Yuan left the Midscape, and as soon he did, the Mindscape changed.

Instead of a world with Blue Silver Grass, It was now filled with 'Yuan'.

As for Ah Yin, her calm look had changed to an obsessed look, that would have scared anyone, but if Yuan saw it, he would just smile.

After all, he loved crazy ones.


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