61 Summoning Qian Xunji

"It seems Qian Daoliu had told you a few things. What did he tell you about me?"

"Grandpa told me you have your reasons and I shouldn't hate you."

"Hmm! Then what about you? Do you hate me?"

"Yeah! I used to hate you." Qian Renxue spoke without thinking, and when she was done.

"Eh? How is this possible? I didn't want to say it."

"Hehe! The room has been sealed. Only Truth can be said in the room." Bibi Dong said with a laugh.

"So you used to hate me. I understand why you would hate me, but why do you not hate me now?"

"Ehhh! Umm! I don't want to answer that."

Hearing her, Fang Yuan chuckled while Bibi Dong raised her brows.

"Let me see why!" Bibi Dong said, she was about to use her Mangekyo Ability on Qian Renxue to 'read' her, but Fang Yuan held her and turned her towards me.

"Nope! I won't let you. That's cheating. Where did your resolve to clear everything up go?"

Snorting at Fang Yuan, Bibi Dong spoke, "You are telling me not to use my ability, but you have already used Senrigan."

"Hehe! Of course, You are the one who wants to talk, not me. So I can use it. Now only talk with her."

"Hmph!" Bibi Dong turned away from him and looked at Qian Renxue.

Qian Renxue, who was confused by their actions asked, "What are you two talking about?"

"It's nothing, I will now explain who I am to you."

"I am your Mother."

As Bibi Dong said, Qian Renxue's mind blanked. She kept on looking at Bibi Dong and didn't say anything to her.

'My mother? What did she just say? She is my mother. Then why didn't Grandpa or anyone tell me about it? Why did she hate me then? And when her father died, why did she didn't do anything? Is she lying, she said about truth seal. Maybe it doesn't work for her. But what will she get from lying?'

Many questions appeared in Qian Renxue's mind and she couldn't say anything for a minute. Then, she looked at Fang Yuan, and looking at his calm face, she understood he knew about her.

"Are you done asking questions to yourself?" Bibi Dong asked Qian Renxue.

She looked at Bibi Dong for one more minute and then said, "Yeah! I have many questions, but before asking them, I want to hear what you want to say."

Bibi Dong nodded at her and said, "Your Father is Qian Xunji, which you know about. He was fucking monster. The reason I am your mother is because he...."

Bibi Dong couldn't say anymore and her killing Intent was released.

"Calm Down Dong'er. It's over and he is dead. Though you can torture him again. No wait! Let me just call him again. Do you have anything related to him?" Fang Yuan calmed Bibi Dong down by patting her and then he looked at Qian Renxue and asked her.

Qian Renxue, who felt Bibi Dong's killing Intent, couldn't speak for a moment. After hearing what Fang Yuan said, she looked at him and asked, "I do have one thing. But what are you gonna do about it?"

"Don't you want to know the truth, I will let him tell you, and then Bibi Dong will decide what will happen to him."

Even though it sounded ridiculous, Qian Renxue felt he was speaking the truth, so she gave him an item Qian Xunji used.

"Oh! It even has his hair." Fang Yuan said as his eyes changed to Rinnegan. Seeing his eyes, Qian Renxue was shocked and then she saw Bibi Dong's eyes change too.

"Are you gonna do it or Should I?"

"You do it, I won't be able to hold myself from torturing him."

Fang Yuan nodded and said, "Outer Path, Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique"

Fang Yuan said and then the King of Hell appeared at the place and Death Energy started to appear. The King of Hell took the item and released a Soul, which was held by Fang Yuan.

'As expected of Samsara Eye.'

The Soul absorbed Fang Yuan's energy and gradually became the appearance of Qian Xunji.

"Huh! Where am I? Tang Hao and Bibi Dong, I will kill you." Qian Xunji spoke as he opened his eyes.

"Oh! You will kill me?"

He heard the voice and then turned around. There he saw three people, two of them were known to him, while from the third one, he felt a suppression.

"Bibi Dong? Renxue?"

"Hehe! It's me! Qian Xunji, My hatred wasn't over, so I summoned you back with King of Hell and now you are in soul state."

"Really? He is Father?" Qian Renxue spoke in uncertainty.

"You will only speak when asked to, otherwise keep your mouth shut, Lowlife." Fang Yuan spoke with disgust in his voice, and Qian Xunji, who wanted to speak, couldn't say anything.

'Disgusting peice of shit, It would be better to be in Tsukuyomi, but she doesn't want me to see her vulnerable state.'

"Are You Qian Xunji?"

"Yes, I am."

"Qian Renxue, now ask whatever you want to. Though I am sure your image of him would change, Are you ready to hear the truth?"

Qian Renxue looked at Fang Yuan, seeing his serious expression, she understood that the truth they were talking about would be bitter.

'But, I would rather know the bitter truth and know why she hated me. Instead of knowing a sweet lie and living without knowing anything.'

'Huh! I wonder what would happen now, will she break after knowing she was conceived after Qian Xunji forced himself on Bibi Dong, or she would accept the reality. The reason why she was hated was that Qian Renxue reminded Bibi Dong of what Qian Xunji had done to her. Even though she had moved from it, at the back of her mind, she always would remember it. I can still remember the face she made when she told me everything on our First night. Time Travel, I wonder If I should ask Bulma. Nope! It would create a new world and the past wouldn't change.'


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