41 Coming out of Seclusion

15 days later.

In 15 days or 150 days, Yuan had grown a lot. The main motive for his seclusion was completed. As he looked at his grown-up body, which was 18 years old, he smiled.

But the growth in his body wasn't the only growth he had.

In 5 months, he had eaten 5 more Chakra Fruits, excluding the Fruit he got from Shibai.

And in the five months, he had abused his Shadow Clone Jutsu to its peak.

First, let's talk about his eyes. After he ate the First Chakra Fruit. His spirit rose to Level 60 and remained there. It was because he hadn't created a spirit ring and the extra energy was stored and started to nourish his body.

The most important change was his eyes. His normal eyes had changed to Sky Blue in color with black pupils in the center and a crescent moon around it. Yes, he had gotten Senrigan.

The clairvoyant eye could see anything in the Present and 20 Years in the Past. The eye could be connected to the world's core and then access information from the information dimension.

His Senrigan eye had become his permanent state of the eye, though he could use it on his will.

The Second thing to talk about is about his genes or he could say his genes. He used Byakugan to check his genes and then compared them with Kaguya's, Esdeath's, Shibai's, and Other Otsutsuki's genes. It took him 1 month to learn everything and then he improved his genome by paying 15,000 points to the system to prevent damage. He chose the best genes of all the others and modified himself. With this, he got Otsutski, God Tress, Humans, and High Human abilities.

The adapting ability of humans, the potential of High Humans, the Space Travelling ability from Otsutsuki, and improved affinity with Nature from God Tree.

The Third thing to talk about is his Spirits. When he reached Level 90 in his Eye Spirit, he started to add Spirit Rings in his Reality Marble. He had added 6 spirit rings to his Marble and all of them were Red in color. Now his Marble's abilities had increased by 72% (60% + 12% from Red Ring).

The Fourth thing was mastering the elements. In his Reality Marble, he focused on comprehending the elements by creating element-related places. Like Fire Domain, Water Domain, Earth Domain, etc. He didn't focus on Space, Time, Yin, and Yang elements because he knew they would take time and he wouldn't be able to do other things.

The last thing was about the Tailed Beasts. They had gained a Demi-Human form.

Shukaku was a Raccon type DemiHuman. (Like Raphtalia in Shield Hero)

Matabi was a Cat type DemiHuman. (Like Kuroka in DxD)

Isobu was a Turtle type DemiHuman (No example)

Son Goku was Son Goku (Kakarotto)

Kokuo was a Horse type, Human. (Not Centaur, Just HoreseTail)

Saiken was... (I couldn't find any, he was a Slug)

Chomei was a Butterfly Type Demi-Human. (I couldn't find any.)

Gyuki was an Octopus type Demi-Human. (I couldn't find any.)

Kurama was a Nine Tailed Fox Human. (Like Yasaka)

Still, they had been just laying around or trying the dungeons he had built in Marble. The Ones in Solo Levelling.

As Yuan was done thinking, he came out. He saw that Kaguya, Yinger, Bibi Dong, and Esdeath had gathered around the room and were waiting for him.

Without even saying, he hugged everyone one by one, and at last when it was Esdeath's turn. Instead of a Hug, he slammed his lips on her and gave her a deep Kiss in front of everyone. In these 5 months, he hadn't talked to anyone and had missed them a lot. Especially Esdeath.

(POV change, a few minutes before Yuan came out.)

"When he is coming?" Esdeath asked as she was waiting for Yuan.

"It has been 15 days already. 15 days! I hadn't met him."

Looking at Esdeath talking endlessly about Yuan, Bibi Dong and Yinger sighed. They were jealous of her straightforward personality in these matters. Kaguya was patting her back and consoling Esdeath who was sulking. Then they sensed the door getting open.

Seeing him, they were shocked. It was only 15 days for them and in these days, he had changed. He had changed a lot, they could sense his aura was deeper and his current look wasn't a transformation.

They saw a handsome young man, his long black hair cascading down his back. His eyes had a crescent moon that was shining and captivating. He was dressed in modern clothes that accentuate his well-toned body which exudes confidence and charm with every step he takes.

All of them were shocked seeing his changes. Yuan took them by surprise by giving them a tight hug.

Esdeath was the one who was most excited after seeing him. Seeing him appear in front of her, she thought he would hug her but he instead held her and slammed his lips on hers.

As she felt his smooth lips on her, Esdeath also started to reciprocate it and from a normal kiss, it turned into a hot passionate French kiss.

They kept on kissing for 5 minutes and would have kept on kissing if they weren't separated by Bibi Dong and Qianye Yinger.

Kaguya who was seeing this just nodded with slight red cheeks and said, "So this is how it is done. Mmm! Mmm! I will try it later."

"Have some decency you two." Bibi Dong said while Yinger nodded at her.

Yuan smiled hearing them but Esdeath mischievously said, "What Decency? Can we eat it? Just say you two are jealous, Yuan will give you all a passionate kiss too."

An awkward silence appeared between them as Bibi Dong and Yinger were embarrassed about it.

Kaguya wanted to nod but stopped when she saw Bibi Dong and Yinger looking at her. Their intention was clear, 'Don't even think of it.'

Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Yuan coughed and said, "Well, It's nice to see you all again. Still, I want to check my extent of power. So, Esdeath let's go and have a fight. The loser will listen to the winner for a day."

"System will automatically put a seal on us when the power levels will exceed the Six Paths level. Still, Yinger, can you create a separate space for us, the place where we will fight?"

Yuan asked Yinger who nodded and said, "Let's go, I will control the space in the plain area and separate it from this dimension, so all the damage will disappear after the fight. I will increase the area too so that you two can give your all. But keep the power till Six-Paths only."

"That will be taken care of by System."


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