1 Chapter 1: Grinding System

Shi Xuan had been ecstatic and down simultaneously for the past week. His mood constantly fluctuated, making even himself worry if his heart could take it. He was a reincarnate of an relatively old man from earth. He had lived alone his whole life in the past, only studying all sorts of directions. He was known as a legendary doctor who could cure the so-called incurable diseases. It was true, a doctor was one of the many paths he had studied. Although he only treated 10 patients in his life, each one had a case that no other doctor would ever take in fear of ruining his reputation. He had no reputation to speak of, besides that of being the useless old man in the family, so he took them without a second look. He studied astronomy and physics, being respect be the many professors and famous names of each industry.

Despite so, his family treated him as a useless bum. He had never gone to an official school, and took money to feed and study every day. If not for the fact that his family was quite a large and wealthy one, he would have been on the streets years ago. His mental age was probably lesser than a teenager's. He was still in the phase of being curious about everything he came across with no regards to his age, and had a love for comics. His favorite genre was "System". He loved to read about anything on the topic of having a robotic helper that brought him from an everyman archetype to that of the hero's. He still had his fantasies of going into books with magic, dragons, cultivation, talking animals, and so on. He was in everyway, besides age and appearance, a child.

Now, he was on his death bed. Alone, he reminisced of his life. Although even he considered himself to be a child, he could be said to have a second persona that wasn't really a second one. He could be playful, but also serous, or he would not have been able to spend those years in his life at his desk. No matter who, they would have a fear if they were mortal. And furthermore, anyone who was alive would naturally resist death. So, in his last days, he spent them remembering all the happiness in his life, silently praying that he would again be happy after death. Then, as he recalled a time in his child hood where he ran along the banks of a stream, he departed from earth.

That was how he got to his current situation. He had reincarnated into a world of cultivation. He now possessed the body of a young man. He was ecstatic to know that he had no past in this world. He disliked trouble, to the extreme. He had a strong will, but he hated making extra work for himself. It might have been due to the fact that he on earth constantly felt that he had an overbearing amount of work to do. Now, he kept that sensation of his, but he had a new sense of freedom. On his death bed, he promised himself 3 things he'd do if he got the chance. Live happy, with people, in safety. Those were his three wishes, and he'd fulfill them in this life.

First, however, he decided to continue for the next week in figuring out the rules of this world. Sorting through his memories turned out to be more troublesome then he thought. In this fashion, he spent the next half month meditating in a field of grass. He had plenty of dried rations on his body, which were from the previous owner of his body. He had discovered the basics of this world, and his situation. This world was similar to the one of a cultivation novel in his previous life. There were many paths in the world, but it really came down to whether you were meant for qi, body refining, mental energy, or force. Qi was a special energy that allowed someone to exert more force than alone with his body. Body refining involved using strong sources of power to temper his body to indestructibility, mental energy was to exert force from a distance with out need for physical contact, and force was the most unique.

It was extremely rare to the general people to be able to cultivate 2 of the four paths, anyone with the ability would be called a genius among the lower ranks of the cultivation world, those who could cultivate 3 paths would be considered a genius even among the middle ranks of the world. However, it was almost impossible for someone to cultivate all four energies due to force. Force was unique because it had much to do with heritage, martial skills, cultivation methods, and each person's circumstances. The dragon race could cultivate dragon force, and there were legendary cultivation methods and skills that could produce the same result. Humans could have bloodline abilities from their ancestors which gave them a special force too.

The reason it was almost impossible for most people to cultivate 4 paths was because force wasn't too rare, but the methods to cultivate someone's force was hard to find. Someone might have a method, but their child might need an entirely different one. That was the way it worked. So, only those with enough comprehension could cultivate force. Shi Xuan could theoretically cultivate any or all paths if he wished to. He decided to use the method of his predecessor which was to cultivate his qi and body. However, it was at this time he heard an angelic,


His Golden Finger was finally here!