1 BTC is climbing back

Do you remember Bitcoin boom it was global headline the people went crazy after the news of BTC hitting 20k$. but it never ended in happy ending. Everything which goes up also comes down. and boom BTC was back to 10k than to 7k than at 4k and even below (3k) but after 2 years BTC is back in the game experts all over the world is booming right now with the huge pumps in crypto world. 2 weaks ago every other altercoin was hitting the moon.

we all know how risky crypto is. but not for experts some have made huge returns in just a short amount of 1 month ( even over mags investment in BTC which was 100$ in January got 213$) so is it safe to invest in it?? your late now but not much late just wait for another pull back @6000$ or @7000$ and you can make a decent return but market is much more choppier now as compared to January but market is much more clear.