1 Chapter one: day by day

Another day flew by, I stretch my arms and set down the controller I have been gripping for the last 12 hours. Another session down, I smile as I lean back in the chair, my neck sore from leaning forward, I have been playing this game for some time now. I look at the screen and think of when I first started playing some time ago.

What a funny story it's been, me and my friends started this together but now I was the only one left. Oh by the way my name is Caleb, I'm 25 years old. I live an average life, spending my days engrossed in my favorite game, endless realms. It's an mmorpg, I play it on pc. It lets me step into another world, one where I'm more than just Caleb the delivery man. I work at a pizzeria, It's not much but it's pays the bills. In endless realms I'm known as Gresh, a top tier player that can take on anyone and anything. I'm rather competitive, and spend hours fine tuning my skills, this game if you're wandering from the name is always growing, there is always something to do from life skilling to monster grinding and player killing, maintenance was coming up soon and I had work in the morning. I groan as I think of opening that stupid shop, "what has my life come to"? I think aloud, I often lose myself in anime, harems were a favorite. I often day dream of what it would be like, to be the mighty hero that saves the day, a pipe dream at best. "MAINTENANCE IN 30 MINUTES PLEASE FIND A SAFE PLACE AND LOG OFF" the game let off an announcement, fine I thought, I'll just go the sleep and do what I can tomorrow. I start the patch shortly after and lay myself to bed. A strange whirring fills the air, and my head starts to throb, I hold my face and suddenly find myself losing consciousness. I awaken to a bright light in my face, the sun beaming at me, my game seems to be done. How long was I asleep though? I check my phone "OH MAN!" I over slept! How could I do something like that? I get dressed and rush out the door, I couldn't be late again, my boss was already over me, what would she say now!

I burst through the door, a small girl with light green hair and gorgeous blue eyes smirks "late again, eh dweeb?" "You really have to be more responsible, I can't always cover for you" I shrug and hold up my hands to wave her off, this was Anna by the way, she's 21 and really something. Out of my league is definitely something. I see a rather busty woman rushing towards me, she chops me on the head and scolds me "Caleb, how many times are we going to do this?" I sigh "I don't know how it happened boss, something weird made me sleep funny" she waves him off and tells him to deal with the rush

All I could think of was getting home, for some reason I couldn't stop thinking of endless realms. I got an update on my phone, apparently the new expansion was ready. My heart rate surged, I couldn't wait to see. But something in me was almost scared.. I couldn't tell why but I had to get home. I got through my shift with ease, and made my way home. What would happen next?