What To Expect From The Book.

Hello Everyone, DMadLord here.

1. What I have in store for you.

This book GREED will be the first in a lineup of three books. That's the plan anyway. It seems so far away considering the little I have achieved. The experience has been great and I want to thank you guys for staying with me through the rather boring first volume ALL FOR WHAT? But I want to promise you an action-packed adventure in the future. So bear with me for now.

If you haven't read the first volume then be prepared for some errors. This is my first work and it contains a lot of the mistakes of one. Most of them will be seen in the first 30 chapters but things will get better as I try to get better.

GREED has a rocky start because, unlike other books, it doesn't start at the very beginning. There is no beginner village arc. The book doesn't start after the reincarnation of the MC and the MC is not a weakling at the beginning. 

The MC has achieved some level of strength and the start of GREED will show how he goes about achieving reincarnation. It is going to be difficult to slog through because of the lack of introduction. But at least, the reincarnation of the MC will not be a mystery that will go unanswered. 

2. What to expect from GREED.

A lot. The book has been outlined, each arc somewhat developed, and even the ending has been determined, so I can tell you it is going to be quite an adventure. Things might change along the way but that adventure tag isn't just for show ( Now I have to go and make sure that the adventure tag is really there or I'll look like a fool).

I don't want to spoil much but I feel there are some things you should know if you intend to be committed to the journey. First of all, I will tell you what you will not see. No romance.

This might be hard but I'll tell you why later on. There won't be a harem either. I don't like this for so many reasons. This book is not about wish fulfillment or an aimless quest for power. It will not be about an MC who goes around acquiring females like some God's gift to man. GREED is about a quest to achieve perfection. I don't think Sex and Love are necessary for perfection so don't expect it at all.

I admit to imposing my views and expectations on the book, but I'm the writer so it's supposed to happen ( I wanted to say if you don't like it you can leave but I changed my mind). Now let's move on to what to expect.

I am a new and inexperienced writer who has decided to undertake a very difficult story to tell in his first book. Some might think I am way above my head. I agree with those people. The style of GREED is different from the normal books out there. I wanted to write something unique instead of a clone filled with overused cliches. But my writing skills are lacking so you should get ready for a bumpy ride. (This is a disclaimer.)

Most importantly, I want to make a declaration that the entire book and future books will not contain fillers or other unimportant rubbish. The problem with keeping that promise is how to determine what rubbish is, and it doesn't help that my mind wanders but I'll try. It is a promise to both my readers and myself. If there is something that I want to achieve as a writer, it must be this promise.

GREED is unique and you will realize this fact right from the start. You might find this uniqueness to be bad or good. It depends on your taste. All I ask is that you give GREED a chance. I cannot promise that you will like it, but it will certainly be a unique experience. You should read it if you are tired of seeing the same thing in books.

3. What to expect from the MC.

The MC is not a kid with a lucky encounter or an old monster who reincarnated and doesn't know his age( They always seem to forget their past and start acting like children). He has lived for thousands of years so he will not be wimpy, stupid, dumb, naive, or a simp(Not that these are bad qualities to have).

There will be no face slapping or superstitious respect for the dead(This statement might be offensive, I apologize in advance? And yes that is a question mark. It's there because I'm not really sure about what I am apologizing for and if it is really helpful to apologize like that).

You have to understand that it is a different world, with different ideals and cultures, I will not project the values of humans onto the characters in the book. To the MC and most of the inhabitants of this world, there is no right or wrong, only supremacy and the rights that come with it.

Let me put things into perspective. In this world, if you are powerful, then you shouldn't be poor unless you are retarded. You can't be strong and poor while weaker people are rich. That is just common sense. It is not a matter of right or wrong. 

As such, in no point in the book is the MC going to be looking for "honest" ways to acquire wealth. He won't go after powerful people for their wealth or choose evil people to steal from because they deserve it. He is intelligent so he will prioritize the weak over the strong and he will target anyone regardless of their moral alignment. 

The MC is not someone down on his luck or living a bad life (His girlfriend did not cheat on him, his betrothed did not leave him, or any of that silly nonsense). He did have a special encounter, but what he gained from it is a different perspective.

The MC will not be one to react to events and be forced into taking certain actions because of the actions of others, he is not a beta male. As you continue to read the book you will come to find out that the existence of the MC is the impetus for changes in the natural order and development of the world.

His quest for power starts after an event that forces him to reevaluate his life. He is disgusted with what he has achieved so far with his talent and opportunities. So he set out to become something greater. 

He is not doing so for others or to save some people. His is an entirely selfish motive for power and will continue to be so. He will try to achieve his aim regardless of the cost to the lives and properties of others. 

The MC cannot be said to be overpowered. You can't be overpowered in a world where there are numerous beings like you. He starts out strong and will work his way to become overpowered. Anything that tries to stop him from being overpowered will be crushed. 

In simpler terms, he is a ruthless protagonist with a near-obsessive level of greed for power. But he is not a villain, at least I don't think he is. I would like to believe he is just selfish. The fact that he is willing to sacrifice everyone for his own goals or pleasure doesn't make him evil. Let's just say he is very goal-oriented.

I aim to make him( The MC) and the antagonists smart but that is a challenge. You might find it noteworthy that ruthless MC does not equate to smart MC( Truly an eye-opener for me). It makes sense but I don't want to start talking about what makes an MC smart (It will keep us here all day and it won't be a smart thing to do).

The MC is a proud person, but not arrogant. How do I put this? He will be someone that has full confidence in his gifts and abilities but he will never underestimate another person or show off. He will be stubborn but not to the point of being blind to his faults and weaknesses. Instead, he will choose to actively better himself. He also won't create enemies randomly or rely on luck to save him.

4. Why no romance?

Why does romance exist in the first place? Why do organisms have Sex? Is it not for pleasure and reproduction? Yet romance has become a marketing scheme for cheap writing (or something along similar lines).

Could our emotions be considered a shackle? Yes, they are. You have probably read books that featured training or cultivation where beings transcend their mortal coils and yet those beings are still hankering for some loving, humping anything attractive, and having their pick of the finest females who just happen to be waiting for them to come around. (Please excuse my choice of words).

It should be considered that just maybe, maybe cultivation leads to more than just physical prowess. It should be considered that the enhancement that results from unlocking the mental and physical prowess of an organism will affect its emotions or how it perceives the world.

Maybe just maybe, when a powerful MC of a book sees a female he will notice how the gravitational field around her moves to determine her mass and energy level, instead of fixating on her massive bust, or at least infer that she has a good diet or favorable genes( I honestly don't know why some women have huge ones. I think it's the genes, sure, but what about the environmental factors. I should check this out).

I would like to expect freedom from the shackles of emotions and hormones from what should be better men. The power system in this book aims for self-supremacy( Supremacy of the mind and the body). So no, no romance or harem. There won't be a pursuit for the pleasure of the flesh.

The major reason why there will not be romance is that I don't like it. All the reasons I gave above are to convince you of my opinion. I believe romance makes people do stupid things and love compromises logic. I don't want that weakness in an MC who is trying to achieve perfection. 

I have to stop here. (Not that I don't have more to say, by the way, I just don't want to scare people off)


1. No Harem.

2. No Romance.

3. No fillers.

4. No naive or dumb MC.

5. No stupid MC.

6. No Beta MC.

7. No cliche.

8. No face slapping.

9. Unfortunately, there will be arrogant young masters. It can't be helped, there are stupid people everywhere.

10. No heroism( and other Lawful Good Alignment bullshit. Excuse my language.) Or antiheroism either. (I hate antiheroes the most. I think they are wimpy fools who don't know where their loyalties lie. They want to eat their cake and have it. They are jacks of both trades and masters of none.)

11. No jokes (I promise nothing).

12. Always open to suggestions.

The above information can be considered some of my goals for this book. I must warn you that I might fall short of it in some ways (My English for one). Please join me on an adventure through a magical world with an MC who is trying to achieve perfection.

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