Greatest Streamer System

"That was fun..." A sickly young man named Breeze was forsaken by fate, only discovering the fun of livestreaming in the last month of his life. However, he suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar room and heard a voice. It was a system. [Greatest Streamer System has been installed.] [Quest: Get 5 Followers!] [Reward: Streamer Profile Banner.] Breeze had been given a chance and transmigrated as Max Charles in a world where streaming has become a favorite job due to the advancement of Virtual Reality Technology. He worked hard to finish the quest given by the system. However, the viewers were always the same no matter what or where the world was. They were unhinged. — Woah!! Triple kill! — Can he get a rampage? Go rampage! — I want to be Breeze! I envy Breeze! I want to be Breeze! I envy Breeze! — Let him cook, guys! Let him cook! Follow Breeze's journey to become the greatest streamer in the world! *** Discord Link: https://discord.gg/99w3KWsREz

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Chapter 2 – It’s Real?!

A few days had passed. Breeze, now known as Max Charles, got used to his new situation and learned a few things.

First of all, he was indeed transmigrated. He knew this from the fragmented memories of the body he currently had. This world was similar to where he came from but was more advanced in terms of technology.

Everything from school, meetings, and working exceptions were now done in a virtual world called 'Lobby.'

With more people using virtual reality as part of their daily lives, healthcare was also focused in that area. 

Many doctors and scientists successfully created a nutritional supplement that could sustain people for a day straight without food, but it was ill-advised to rely on it because it couldn't truly replace real food.

Secondly, it seemed like he was a 19-year-old orphan who had lived on welfare until now. His savings were only enough to last him three months, but after that, he wouldn't have anything unless he found a job.

The memories he got helped a lot to know about his situation. Max Charles loved games, and the capsule in his room was apparently a virtual reality device that people always used at this age.

But he couldn't afford a game due to his lack of money. Even the cheapest VR game with bad graphics costs more than 150$. That amount of money could allow him to live for a few days.

He chose to spend his money on his daily life rather than play the game himself because he knew his situation. 

So he only watched streamers play the game instead of actually playing it.

And the third thing… Streaming had become a favorite job alongside the fast development of virtual reality. It became the main source of entertainment, providing various themes from real-life streaming to game streaming, and even some movie-level storytelling.

In fact, many streamers were more famous than celebrities in this era. Some with attractive appearances also worked as a model for fashion brands, and some signed ad deals with various companies.

After settling and getting used to his current situation, Max was interested in one thing.


In his past life, he enjoyed it to the point he wanted to do it again in his next life. It seemed like God or whatever it was granted his wish.

"Should I do it again? No, can I do it?"

He stood up, caressing the VR capsule beside his bed.

"It will be different from the past, but I want to do it again."

Unlike a game streaming using a computer, he would need to control his character directly this time as the game would be in a full-dive virtual reality, which would be hard for him, who had no experience in it even with his new memories from Max Charles.

During the three days, he got used to his body, tried the capsule, and entered Lobby to watch other streamers. They were just like the streamers in his past life, but it looked harder as they would need to read the chat in the middle of a game while moving their body.

For example, a streamer read the donation while sword-fighting with another person. That kind of thing was exciting for the viewers but hard for the inexperienced streamer.

Some didn't read the chat at that kind of tense moment, but most successful streamers did.

After thinking for a while, Max shook his head and slapped his cheeks.

'What am I thinking? I just need to enjoy it! I can definitely do it while searching for a job if it doesn't work out. Streaming is fun, and I just need to enjoy it!'


Max looked at the floating window in front of him.

<Greatest Streamer System>

<A system to create the greatest streamer of all time!>

<Quest:< p>

- Start Stream

As the first step to becoming the top streamer, make a streaming account and start a Livestream at a streaming website of your choice.

Reward: 1 latest offline game installed in your Lobby.

Deadline: 1 Day.

Failure to complete the quest will result in the system being uninstalled.>

"I am not dreaming." He sighed and swiped his hand.

The blue window disappeared with that. It was something he found out in the last three days.

It suddenly appeared when he first regained consciousness, surprising him.

Not only that, it suddenly gave him a quest that didn't have much context. How could it give him a reward? Was it real, or was it just his imagination?

Anyway, the quest was in line with what he wanted to do. If this system's reward were real, he would get a free offline game he could use as his first streaming content.

Max opened the VR capsule with hope. His heart beat faster out of excitement and nervousness as he saw the cover lifted slowly with a whirring sound.

It reminded him of his medical equipment, so he was pretty hesitant when he tried it the first time. However, it was actually pretty different. He climbed in and made himself comfortable in the chair.

The interior of the capsule was similar to a sci-fi mecha cockpit with some small screen displaying his vital signs. He wore the helmet that read his brainwave, and the capsule closed by itself.

[Entering Lobby.]

A mechanical voice rang in his ears.

"Let's do it."

The scenery around him changed as he dived into the virtual world.

An expanse of rolling grass plain stretched out as far as the eye could see. A gentle breeze caused them to sway.

Everyone's Lobby was different.

Max's Lobby was just a simple grass plain with a hill in the distance and a simple chair under a sole tree. He loved it, especially the gentle breeze that hit his face.

With futuristic technology, human's five senses could be replicated near perfection even in this virtual world. That was why people loved it.


Sitting on the chair, he looked at a hologram screen spread in front of him. Punch's streaming website was opened on the screen, and the home menu was filled with various streamers.

Max ignored them for now and went to the account. He created one by himself using his capsule ID, which was connected to his personal account.

When pressing the create button, a window that asked him to write his name popped up. He hesitated a little before filling it with 'Breeze' using the virtual keyboard.

"That name is what made me love streaming, so there is no way I will use another name."

He pressed the OK button after deciding.

Then another choice popped up, asking whether he made the streamer or viewer account. This time, he didn't hesitate to choose the streamer account, set up the donation account, and finalized his registration.

A notification popped up with a cheerful sound.

[Your account has been successfully set up! Please fill in your additional information!]

At the same time, he also heard a notification from inside his head, and a smaller blue window popped up in front of him.

<Quest is completed! Please choose your reward!>

"It's real?!"