Greatest Legacy of the Magus Universe

The white lotus, a legendary artifact rumored to contain the very secrets of the soul, granted its wielder otherworldly power. Countless powerful Magi from all across the universe waged an epic battle over it. When the dust settled from their fierce clash, the artifact disappeared, awaiting to be inherited by one with great destiny. Adam dreamed of breaking free from the grip of poverty, yearning for a life of riches and comfort. Yet, in a world ruled by arcane spellcasters, achieving such a dream meant becoming one himself. However, learning magic was an expensive aspiration. Not only did it require talent, but also vast resources, neither of which he had. But one day everything changed when he stumbled upon a mysterious white lotus... *** Join my discord: https://discord.gg/w4vACWwfSv

Esenel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
465 Chs


Suspended high in the air, bathed in the golden rays of the radiant sun, countless majestic islands lazily floated through the clouds.

The atmosphere was abundant with rich mana and one could hear the distant roars of legendary magical beasts elegantly flying in the distance.

On a certain island, a young boy sat on the edge, dangling his legs with a playful expression. His eyes were filled with curiosity and wonder as he tried to grab onto the clouds that passed by him.

"Pay attention to what I'm about to teach you, child," said a wizened old man, sitting cross-legged beside the youth.

The old man's white beard cascaded down to his chest. His eyes, though clouded with age, shone with otherworldly wisdom as he doting glanced at the boy.

"Yes, teacher!" The boy clenched his fists tightly, his eyes flashing with excitement.

"To understand the Way," the old man began, "you must learn to shed your old self…"