Greatest Legacy of the Magus Universe

The white lotus, a legendary artifact rumored to contain the very secrets of the soul, granted its wielder otherworldly power. Countless powerful Magi from all across the universe waged an epic battle over it. When the dust settled from their fierce clash, the artifact disappeared, awaiting to be inherited by one with great destiny. Adam dreamed of breaking free from the grip of poverty, yearning for a life of riches and comfort. Yet, in a world ruled by arcane spellcasters, achieving such a dream meant becoming one himself. However, learning magic was an expensive aspiration. Not only did it require talent, but also vast resources, neither of which he had. But one day everything changed when he stumbled upon a mysterious white lotus... *** Join my discord: https://discord.gg/w4vACWwfSv

Esenel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
472 Chs


"Momentum?" Adam tilted his head in confusion. "You mean the speed of a body in a certain direction?"

Esmond chuckled as he shook his head. "No, I'm not talking about that." He clenched his fist and added, "I'm talking about something that is both physical and… metaphorical."

Adam squinted his eyes, trying to figure out if this man in front of him was being serious or just pulling his leg.

Seeing that look on the youth's face, Esmond waved his hand. "Never mind, I'll just show it to you." With that said, he got into a fighting stance. "I'll control my mana output to match yours. Hit me with everything you got."

Adam's eyes lit up. Have a spar with the squad leader? He couldn't ask for anything better. Just by exchanging blows with a Rank 2 Magus, he would learn a great deal of things. This was a very good opportunity for the youth.

His lips curled up into a broad grin as he undertook the stance of the Phantom Dance. "Alright, here I come!"