2 Adam

Amidst the chirping of crickets and the hooting of owls, a young boy with a slightly tanned and muscular body was practicing his swordplay at a small clearing in the middle of the woods.

His upper body was bare and drenched in sweat. Every time the boy lifted the rusty sword and hacked it down, drops of sweat would fall on the grass. Although his sword technique was lousy, one could still feel the determination with each swing.

A few minutes later he stopped practicing and laid down on the ground, completely exhausted. His chest heaved up and down as he stared at the two moons in the night sky.

It's been over a month since we've departed from the Cormier Kingdom, the boy thought.

In the past month, the traveling party had crossed two kingdoms already. They were attacked by ferocious beasts a handful of times, but their attacks had been thwarted by the mercenaries that were guarding the carriages.

Fortunately, they hadn't been attacked by any magical beasts or the mindless ogres and trolls that resided in the wilderness.

The boy turned his head and glanced at the dozen carriages surrounding a large bonfire at the edge of the woods. I overheard the other kids say that the journey to Moon City would take another two months…

The famous Moon City was the capital of the Nightingale Kingdom. And the destination of the traveling party was the renowned magic academy in Moon City, the Clover Academy.

Every year children from the neighboring kingdoms would travel to Moon City in hopes of enrolling in the prestigious Clover Academy, and embarking on the path to becoming a Magus!

The boy was no different. His name was Adam Constantine, a commoner from the Cormier Kingdom. As a child, he happened to come across a wandering Magus and learned that he had a talent for spell-casting.

Adam couldn't help but be ecstatic at this discovery. After all, in the world he lived in, Magi were mighty beings that were revered by the masses. They were strong and wise, able to control the elements of nature as they wished and create countless miracles.

Moreover, this was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. If one didn't have sufficient strength, they would never amount to anything.

Naturally, Adam didn't want to live the rest of his life in mediocrity. Ever since then, he'd been meticulously training every day, resolved to become a Magus and experience the myriad wonders of the world.

Unlike the other nobles in the traveling party, however, Adam was an orphan and could only rely on himself. He did whatever odd jobs he could find to save enough money for the enrollment fees.

However, he doubted the meager amount of money he had saved would be enough.

Thinking of his money problems, Adam couldn't help but helplessly sigh. After we reach Moon City, there should still be some time left till the academy's entrance examination. I'll think of a way to earn some money then.

But no matter what, I must enter the academy and become a Magus!

He got to his feet and did some light stretching. After picking up his sword and other belongings, he walked to a nearby pond to wash himself.

The silver light of the twin moons shone on the surface of the pond. Accompanied by the pleasant sound of the birds chirping from time to time, it created a peaceful atmosphere.

Adam couldn't help but instinctively relax. However, he still looked around for any potential dangers before removing his pants and slowly walking into the pond. His body involuntarily shivered upon coming in contact with the cold water. However, he slowly got used to the temperature and then started washing his body.

Adam peacefully lay in the pond, relaxing his sore muscles. The surface of the pond reflected his young visage. He had jet-black eyes that shone with childlike innocence as well as tenacity that was rarely found in children of his age.

His black hair was parted from the middle and reached the bottom of his neck. Adam's facial features were average, he was neither handsome nor bad-looking. No, to be honest, his appearance was actually below average.

Suddenly, his stomach rumbled and he couldn't help but stroke his belly underwater.

It's almost time for dinner. I should head back. Adam was famished after that intense round of sword practice. He was about to get out of the pond and dry himself when all of a sudden he caught sight of something peculiar from the corner of his eyes.

"Hmm?" He squinted his eyes and looked in the distance. "What's that?"

In the center of the pond, a pristine white lotus was floating on the surface, and around it were three verdant round leaves. The lotus looked ordinary but at the same time, it emanated a subtle divine aura that made others want to prostrate before it in veneration.

Adam was dazed as he looked at the white lotus, his mind gradually feeling refreshed for some strange reason. A few minutes later, he snapped out of his daze and looked at this strange flower in surprise.

"What the hell is this flower?" He muttered in amazement. His mind had never felt so invigorated before.

Suddenly, he recalled something and thought, Could this lotus be one of those precious natural ingredients used to make magical potions?!

Excitement took hold of him as he thought of this possibility, and before he knew it, he was already swimming toward the center of the pond.

If I can sell this ingredient in Moon City, I should be able to earn enough money for the academy's enrollment fee!

Adam swam without trying to make too much sound. He was afraid someone would be attracted by the commotion he made and discover the white lotus as well.

Soon, he swam to the center of the pond, the lotus now within his reach. With a wide grin on his face, he reached out with his hands and tried to gently grab the lotus.

But his expression suddenly froze.

The moment his fingers touched the white petals, the lotus vanished. And the next moment, his eyes rolled back and he lost consciousness!

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