22 Chapter 22: Sin Devil Trigger Mode

A Few Weeks After The Date

In the mansion's backyard, a captivating sight unfolds as a multitude of swords stand proudly, firmly embedded into the ground.

For example, Yuuto's original trash sword, Asauchi, Dragon Slayer Sword (Berserk), Kurikara, Demon-Slayer Sword, Demon Dweller Sword, Demon Destroyer, Demon Slasher Sword, Yamato, Rebellion, Sparda (Unsealed), Vortexblade, Red Lightsaber, Excalibur Morgan and Symbionblade.

Among the assortment of swords, two stand out as unique creations: the Vortexblade and the Symbionblade. The Vortexblade was custom-made for personal training, offering three distinct modes: Weight Training, Speed Training, and Precision Training.

On the other hand, the Symbionblade, although not entirely original, possesses extraordinary abilities inherited from a symbiote. Unlike typical symbiotes, however, this particular sword lacks any weaknesses, making it truly exceptional.

In case you're curious about the abundance of swords, it all started when he made a firm decision to no longer waste time. After experiencing a transformative date and witnessing the radiant smile of Akeno, his motivation skyrocketed. To gain an edge, he resorted to creating the Symbionblade, a sword designed to expedite his energy recovery.

Amid a sea of swords, Yuuto stands, barely able to keep his balance. His face and body glisten with perspiration, a testament to his intense exertion. Intricate red veins pulsate across his entire body, while his eyes emit an eerie crimson glow.

However, amidst the intensity, a subtle change has occurred. A tinge of white now adorns his hair, lending him an edgier appearance, mirroring the transformative effects of his creations. Three prominent swords, namely Yamato, Rebellion, and Sparda (Unsealed), bear witness to his metamorphosis.

The whitening of his hair serves as a physical manifestation of the strain he endures, reminiscent of a red-haired hero known for both extraordinary culinary skills and prowess with a blade.

It all feels strangely familiar as if echoes from another story intertwine with his own.

"Damn it," Yuuto muttered with exhaustion, his voice tinged with frustration. "My attempt at recreating the Gate of Babylon didn't work out as planned. But hey, at least I managed to pull off the Reality Marble. I guess that's something."

He had been tirelessly practising the art of summoning his sword, aiming to mimic the famed Gate of Babylon technique. His goal? To outsmart anyone wielding a Sacred Gear Canceller by summoning his weapon without disruption. But try as he might, he couldn't quite get it right. Creating a connection within his Sacred Gear proved to be a tricky task, using the original Gate of Babylon as a reference point. He needed to forge an "invisible door" between dimensions, allowing objects to pass through at his command.

"Well, Reality Marble only lasts for about 10 seconds before my Demonic Power runs dry," Yuuto sighed, his fatigue apparent. "I've put in so much hard work, but if only I had a bigger reserve of Demonic Power, this whole thing would be a breeze."

As he reached out towards the Symbionblade, his tired eyes watched in awe as the blade gracefully flew into his waiting hand. A surge of black liquid followed, enveloping his body in its mysterious darkness.

[Image Here]

"Hah," Yuuto exclaimed, feeling the sword's remarkable ability to heal his body. "I should've created this sword right from the beginning when I first got here."

His hands tightened around the hilt, a mischievous grin spreading across his face. "With this kind of craziness, I'll break through the Ultimate Class faster than anyone could imagine."

For those following along, it's essential to note that Yuuto's passion for training never wanes. Even after attending to his daily needs, assisting others, and even training a vampire, he never ceases his endeavours.

The creation of the Symbionblade holds a profound significance for Yuuto. It was deliberately crafted to instil an unwavering love for training, serving as a constant source of motivation. With every swing of the sword, he finds the inspiration and determination to become stronger, embracing the challenges and joys of his relentless pursuit.


Meeting Room, Occult Research Clubroom.

Sona sat with her legs crossed, facing Rias, who held her glass as usual.

"I'm here to talk about your Knight, Rias," Sona said with a stern expression, sipping the tea that Akeno had prepared.

"Hmm, go ahead," Rias replied, attentive to the conversation.

Sona placed her cup on the table and asked, "Where is the original Yuuto Kiba?"

"He's at the mansion, training," Rias answered honestly.

"It's becoming a problem for me," Sona stated a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"What kind of problem? He doesn't harm anyone," Rias said, genuinely unaware of the issue.

"Because his clone has been insulting people left and right. Every chance he gets, he hurls insults at them, even the teachers," Sona explained, resuming her sipping.

Rias chuckled and asked, "Did the clone insult you for being too stuck up?"

Sona's grip tightened on the cup, causing it to shatter into numerous pieces. Her eyes locked onto Rias, her vein visibly pulsating.

"Yes, and he went beyond that," Sona replied firmly.

"Do you want me to talk to him and tell him that his clone has crossed the line?" Rias offered.

"Yes, please," Sona replied, relieved at the proposition.

"Alright then, let's go see him," Rias agreed, ready to address the situation.

Both of them teleported to the mansion and made their way to the backyard, only to be met with the shocking sight of Yuuto impaling himself with Yamato, Rebellion, and Sparda.

Rias couldn't contain her shock and concern. "Yuuto!!!" she cried out, sprinting towards him, with Sona following closely behind, equally worried.

However, before Rias and Sona could reach him, Yuuto raised his hand, signalling for them to stay away. The two girls halted their movements, their expressions filled with concern.

The three swords started to merge into Yuuto's body, and with a swift motion, he grasped the Symbionblade, utilizing its healing properties to mend his wounds.

As Yuuto gazed at the two girls, Rias's worry and concern were palpable, evident in her expression. Sona, too, was worried about him, although not to the same extent as Rias.

"Argh!!!" Yuuto cried out, collapsing to his knees, the excruciating pain becoming unbearable.

"Yuuto!" Rias attempted to approach him, but Yuuto's serious tone stopped her in her tracks. "Don't come near me. It's too dangerous," he warned her sternly.

Gritting his teeth, his body erupted in a mix of red and blue lightning. The transformation from human to devil occurred in rapid succession, leaving the girls stunned by the unfolding events.

Yuuto's body continued to shift between human and devil forms until it abruptly halted. Then, he began levitating in mid-air, surrounded by three rings adorned with enigmatic blue-reddish inscriptions.

"I won't be defeated again!" Yuuto bellowed, his body unleashing a torrent of blue-reddish energy as he entered his Sin Devil Trigger Mode.

The force of his transformation caused the Symbionblade to be forcibly expelled from his grasp as if rejecting the symbiotic connection.

Rias and Sona swiftly extended their wings, soaring a safe distance away from Yuuto to shield themselves from the surging wave of energy.

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"Damn, I feel invincible," Yuuto muttered to himself, a mix of excitement and awe in his voice as he summoned Yamato and Rebellion into his hands. Descending back to the ground, he was ready to put his newfound power to the test.

Rias and Sona couldn't believe their eyes, astonished that Yuuto had effortlessly broken through his power limits by stabbing himself.

Both of them flew down to meet Yuuto, but it was Rias who mustered the courage to approach him. Without hesitation, she delivered a resounding slap to his face.

"Don't you ever do something like that again!" Rias scolded him, her face filled with worry and concern.

Yuuto simply smiled and gently patted her head. "Okay, I promise I won't do it again, Rias-chan," he reassured her, his expression filled with warmth. Then, in a graceful display, he returned to his human form.

"Chan?" Rias blushed slightly at the unexpected endearment, her heart skipping a beat.

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