2 Part One: Carey Family

Sand Rock Country's Star Field State- Red Water Province

Inside the Carey Family home, our male protagonist is sleeping excessively, while his mother, Lila Carey, is irritated by her wayward son. She walked up to the door and knocked. "I'm not sure whether he'll be awakened or not at this time?" She thought to herself.

"Knock," "Knock," "Knock,"

Vincent Carey, our Mc, heard the knocking sound. He, on the other hand, refuses to leave.

Observing her young lad's lack of responsiveness. She returned to her kitchen, grunting.

She was cooking when she heard footsteps coming from upstairs.

"Mom, I'm rushing." "I'm not hungry for breakfast." Vincent Carey's older brother, Brian Carey, smiled as he said.

"What? "No way, child," Lila Carey, mother, expressed her unhappiness right away.

"I understand that today is the first-year students' opening ceremony. However, getting some food into your stomach isn't a bad idea." She motions to her older son to eat.

Brian decides not to protest any longer after hearing his mother's unhappy tone. He sat in his chair, obediently eating.

Brian Carey has a bulky build, which hints at his occupation as an Earth Mage. He is currently eighteen years old. His mother gave him a strange look. He has the same brown hair and brown eyes as she has.

Her aged face lit up with a smile when she saw her devoted son.

Lila Carey, mom, is a healing Mage by trade. She is a forty-five-year-old woman. Her skin is pale, and she has brown hair and brown eyes. She's a little frail and chubby. In general, she has a peaceful temperament.

Brad Carey, her husband and father of her two sons, is also a healing mage. They've known each other since they were in college.

Due to low skill and elderly age, both of their advancement as a level 4 limiter – Healing Mage slowed. After graduating from college, they married and began working in the medical field.

Brian Carey was the first to be born, followed by Vincent Carey two years later. The four-person family eventually settled in Red Water Province. Their first kid is now attending Violet Heart Mage College, nearly 18 years later. Lila Carey, the mother, couldn't help but be pleased.

On the other hand, she was content to watch her son contentedly eat.

When Brian noticed his mother's perceptive glance, he said, "Mom, what happened to Dad?" Please don't tell me he still wants to work the night shift."

Lila Carey was stunned for a second when she heard when her son say that. She knew the real reason: to pay for their son's college entry expenses. Both of them managed to save some money by working day and night, but it is still insufficient. In light of the fact that Violet Heart College increased their fees last term. They still need to make some money this year to pay their bills.

She, on the other hand, is adamant about not telling Brian. "This kid has a powerful mind." He's not going to like it." She thought to herself.

However, she couldn't help but feel even worse when she thought about Vincent. They were all mage, though none of them were particularly high-ranking.

They are, however, still Mage. When compared to the rest of the human population, Mage has a decent standard of living.

Despite the fact that the mage society is still competitive. She still does not want her youngest boy to grow up to be a human. Even more competitive is the environment around human civilization. You can't even be ordinary in that culture. Raising a family on your own would otherwise be a dream

"Mom," Brian screams in a hushed tone as he notices his mother's face deteriorating.

She snapped back to reality as she heard her son's voice. "I'm worried about Vincent," she said, looking at her son's face. He'd already squandered one chance. If he fails at the last possible moment. I'm not sure what will happen to him in the future."

Hearing his mother's concern for his younger sibling. Brian groaned and said, "Mom," he said. Don't be concerned. Next time, he'll use his wizard ability. "Even if he fails, I believe there are methods to artificially stimulate his talent," he continued.

Lila stared at her kid and said, "Young Man, I've noticed your face has altered dramatically." Avoid becoming connected with those prohibited individuals. I don't give a damn if Vincent fails. I just want him to be alive and well. It's preferable to be human than to be a test subject."

Brian bowed his head as he heard that. Unlike his mother, he has an opposing viewpoint on researchers. It is impossible to explore space without them. He has a longing expression on his face as he considers space.

He still understands why his mother dislikes them. There is no such thing as successful research that does not include some level of failure. It is customary to test on live humans and animals throughout this process. However, it is illegal to conduct research on humans without their agreement.

With a shake of his head, he continued to finish the meal. Brian rose up from his seat a few minutes later and said, "OK, Mom." "It's getting late". Brian had left the house. He was on his way to the train station. A direct rail to Violet Heart Mage College is available. Which is in the following province.

Mom, Lila Carey, on the other hand, got up from her seat and headed over to Vincent Room. She banged on the door again after arriving in front of the room.

"Vincent, it's getting late for your school."

"Knock" "Knock"

"Vincent, it's getting late for your school." I don't have to wait all day for you. I have to get back to work. Breakfast was prepared for you. Have it first thing in the morning before going to school." Lila Carey expressed her concern in a worried tone.e3

Being healing mage is good, otherwise, she has no idea what will happen to her health because of her worry.

She sighed deeply and then proceeded to her room to get dressed. Her husband and she are both employed at the same hospital. It's a mage professional's mid-level hospital. Her husband works the night shift, while she works the day shift.

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