5 Part One: Awakening of Level-Up System

(From MC's Perspective)

After a few moments,

I took the lift to the third floor after confirming it. I saw the lights in the laboratories were turned on after exiting the lift. "It appears that He has entered the laboratory." I muttered something beneath my breath. Then, in a matter of breaths, I was at the door. The security system is connected to the door, which is locked. To gain authorization to enter, I pressed the visitor button.

[Ding! - The Door is opened]

When I entered the room after seeing that, the door behind me automatically locked. But the view in front of me never failed to captivate me. On my left side of the desk, there are several high-tech gadgets. Several flasks on my right side contain colorful liquid. I heard footsteps as I was examining each object.

Turning around, I noticed Professor Mathew sifting through some papers. When I saw him, my expression became gloomy, so I instantly moved in front of him and said, "Ahem, Hello! Professor. Sean informed me that you had requested that I come here."

Professor Mathew, on the other hand, put down his papers as soon as he heard his words. Because he gave him permission to enter, he is already aware of his existence.

Professor Mathew is a sixty-year-old professor. He is an Earth Mage, a level 4 limiter. However, he appears to be fifty years old. He has dark eyes and a hairless head. On his forehead, he had a few wrinkles. He has a slim physique. He is currently sporting a white coat over his sweatshirt. He worn with black formal pants.

After hearing Vincent's words, when he asks a student for assistance, he begins to think. For a little period, they were both silent. Vincent, on the other hand, is aware that he is taking his time to recall.

Professor Mathew, on the other hand, eventually recalls that a few days ago he asked an unknown boy to assist him in moving some items. That kid nodded seriously at the time, and I assumed he would arrive sooner. Not only did he not show up, but he also delegated his assignment to another student. Professor Mathew shakes his head in disapproval as he considers it.

Sean Waltz awakened the Power Mage Profession, thus Professor Mathew has a motive to do so. In the Strength Category, this falls under Physique Variants. His strength grew as a result of that profession. As a result, Sean's strength is twice that of the rest of his age group.

Professor Mathew turned to Vincent after collecting his thoughts and said, "Cough." "Kid, "Can you tell me your name?" In try to alleviate the kid's worries, he asked in a calm tone.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard him. "Professor, I'm Vincent Carey from Class B6," I said when he finally remembered.

Professor Mathew, on the other hand, nodded and motioned him to follow him. Professor Mathew guides him to an adjacent room by walking carefully. Vincent obediently followed him after seeing this.

They walked into the adjacent room in a few breaths. This room, too, is locked. The Professor then entered access codes to open the door.

[Creak! The Door Slid opens]

Professor Mathew took the first step inside, and I followed suit. The door behind us slammed shut on its own.

I'm disoriented for a time, seeing the objects in front of me. There were countless gleaming boulder-sized rocks. The majority of them were turquoise blue in color. I felt shocked, "Professor, What is this? " I was taken aback.

Professor Mathew smiled as he saw Vincent's puzzlement and replied, "These were meteorite rocks."

"What?" I was taken back.

I felt even more perplexed; why, after all, is it shining?

On the other hand, He didn't wait for Vincent to ask any more questions.

"I know, it's perplexing," Professor Mathew explained. This is what I'm looking into as far as the cause of this phenomenon goes. This boulder is just speck of the original fallen meteorite. The original is collected by authorities. I paid a huge amount to get these leftovers.

"Hearing that, I couldn't help but feel amazed. This is just a collection of materials that were left over from the source meteorite. As he said, I'm also intrigued about this phenomenon. These meteorite stones were completely black, but if you look closely, you can see some details. The hue turquoise blue is visible in the illumination.

"I'm planning to move this stuff to a second-floor lab," Professor Mathew added. There is sufficient room to store this material and study it separately.

When I heard that, I thought to myself, "No wonder he asked Sean for assistance." He is strong, and his Mage Profession has given him even more power. On the other hand, I worriedly rubbed my temples. I'm not sure how I'm going to relocate this thing. I'm not strong enough to move them all at once. What should I do?

Professor Mathew smiled as he observed Vincent's perplexity. Vincent's Mage Power had not yet awakened, he recognized at first glimpse. He didn't drive him away because he needed to explain the task to him. So, that he can go back and bring someone capable.

"All right, Professor," I said after taking a long breath. I'll lift some of the smaller rocks myself; for the larger ones, I'll ask the assistance of a friend."

"Hmmm, I'll be on the Second Floor," Professor Mathew responded after hearing that. You can bring this rock one at a time in a safe manner." He exited the room after saying that, leaving Vincent alone to ponder.

I started sizing up the meteorite rocks when Professor Mathew left the room. Let's start with the tinier ones. I stepped closer to the smaller rocks after making up my mind. I put my hands on it and lifted it up.

Professor Mathew, on the other hand, arrived at the second floor lab. He starts to see if there are any changes that need to be made.

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