Granting One Last Wish Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Granting One Last Wish

Gia Hunter

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  • 70 Chs

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"Abby King is living a simple life for three years after the horrific incident. When her mother passed away, Abby has left no choice but to agree to the terms of the will. And one thing she’s not prepared for is to marry the extremely handsome Hughes Industries CEO Seb Hughes, but he has a reputation for women. Seb Hughes is rich, handsome, and has everything in a snap of his fingers. A relationship is the last thing he wants, but with just one look on a mysterious Abby, his cold heart flutters, and he starts fantasizing about her even if he knows that’s not right. There’s something about Seb Hughes that Abby can’t shake away—he’s not just a playboy that she should stay away from, he also has a huge heart and an overprotective tendency. After what she’d been through, maybe Seb is the right person for her—who can protect, accept, and maybe love her despite her dark past."