210 112. Monsters of the Sewer -1 (Part One)


The burly dude behind the adventurer guild counter formed an unreadable expression. "Oh, so you have a surname. Are you from a noble house?"

I replied with a line that I had thought up of beforehand. "Ruined, actually."

"If you don't mind me asking, affiliated with which kingdom?"


"You a knight in training?"

"Something like that."

From the get-go, this man didn't even bother to use polite speech.

He probably couldn't get a good look at my face because of the dwarven-made full-body armour set that covered my noggin. He might be able to guess that I was still young from my voice alone, but figuring out how young exactly would be quite tough.

Besides, the name 'Allen' was fairly common among boys, too.

The receptionist groaned under his breath before shifting his gaze to the two people some distance behind me.

Alice was looking around the interior of the adventurer guild with sparkling eyes as if everything here was so strange and exciting to her.


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