204 109. The Dragon Slayer (Part One)

Raiden's expression froze up.

For the first time in his life, he got to drink human blood and devour human flesh. Even in the midst of enjoying himself, he still didn't forget about his task and led the undead army numbering past ten thousand over to the royal palace along with Count Guibert's help.

But, but... just what had happened here?

A spectacle laid out before their eyes, it...

...It truly resembled hell.

Hell for Vampires, that was.

One thousand-plus spears were stabbed into the ground, while severed heads of the Vampire nobles alongside numerous undead creatures were impaled on top of these make-shift stakes to create a gruesome display.

They weren't dead yet as their lips limply flapped about. Meanwhile, their surroundings were filled with the remains of the undead that hadn't gotten fully purified and had yet to extinguish from this world.


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