178 095. Judgement of the Heretic -1 (Part Two)


I took out both Amon's skull and the staff from my item window.

All I needed was a couple dozen seconds. If I used my relics first, then my shortcomings, my weaknesses, would no longer matter one jot.

Whether it was Kasim or King Rahamma, I was confident of stopping them dead in their tracks.

Charlotte approached me. "Your highness, please make sure not to strain yourself."

I smiled wryly at her counsel. She wasn't even a healer, yet it felt like she knew my current condition better than anyone.

Honestly, I was still feeling light-headed. Even if it was only for a short while, I did use these relics against Kasim, and then there was the fatigue from the long trip to consider as well.

However, I knew for sure that there wouldn't be any problems dealing with those corrupt Priests over yonder.

"Thirty minutes." I stared at Charlotte, Alice, and the Verdant Cross currently gathered around me. "I shall finish them off in thirty minutes."


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