148 080. Aslan's saviour -1 (Part Two)


"Uwaaaahk! D-do you have any idea who I am?! I'm Ruppel Olfolse! I'm the Third Imperial Prince of the Theocratic Empire!"

Ruppel loudly cried out. Even in the middle of crying out in fear, he somehow managed to swing a sword around indiscriminately.

Even a third-rate mercenary would tut at that unsightly spectacle. However, the amount of divinity gushing out of him was still more than enough to be described as shocking.

As a matter of fact, the divinity flooding out from his sword was what had managed to stop the advances of the hashashins up until now.

Hans's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at that sight. "But I heard that the Third Imperial Prince was an incompetent mama's boy?"

He had heard about some information regarding the Imperial Family, so this scene came across as rather surprising to him.


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