139 076. Rescue -2 (Part One)


Ruppel's whole body shivered as he scanned his new surroundings. He was currently stuck inside a prison cell filled with mouldy smell.

He could see a prisoner and burly torturer wearing a leather hood beyond the steel bars of the cell on the other side.

The torturer was busy whipping the prisoner without even a hint of mercy. The more the poor man's scream reverberated throughout the prison, the greater Ruppel's fear grew in his heart.

No matter where he looked, this place looked like a torture chamber designed solely for the purpose of tormenting and hurting the unlucky prisoners.

"Dammit, to think it's that angel! Such a nonsensical tale was true all along?! Fine, we shall flee from this place. At least we must secure the Third Imperial Prince before escaping from here!"

A rotund man and a bunch of Necromancers escorting him abruptly barged into the torture chamber that also served as a prison. He was none other than Evelyum's castellan.


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