134 073. City of Slaves -1 (Part Two)


The slaves – no, hang on. Aslan's subjects that had regained their freedom settled down nicely in the ancient ruin. While watching them get quickly acclimatised to their new home, I got ready to leave.

I, uh, stored the treasures, weapons of both hand-held and siege type varieties, as well as the Cyclops Golem statues in my item window for 'safe' keeping. Of course, I also didn't forget to pack away some dragon scales as well as its meat.

"My lord, are you really giving us all these things?"

Damon made a stunned expression as he stared at the remainder of the treasure trove, as well as the dragon meat. Excluding its torso, a single leg was all that remained now in the ancient ruin.

I nodded my head. "Isn't it going to be enough to feed you guys for months?"


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