Grandmaster Of All Job Class

Being the Grandmaster Of the All Job Class was what he attained in his past life. With him being cursed, he was forced to transmigrate to another world. Leaving his students behind. Upon his transmigration, he assimilated to the body of a child. His name was Joan Emsworth, the same name as the child he assimilated. He became a newbie again and was on his journey to regain his past strength. The schoolyear was coming and he planned to be a student. But all went wrong, he lost everything and was faced with his greatest despair. Facing great trials to test his courage and his bravery. Even though he was improving himself, his enemies were not also something to be trifled with. Making him cry many times. Meet Joan's journey of happiness, sadness, crying, bravery, courage, feel dreadness, enjoy the journey of adventures, meet imperfections, meet exhilarating action scenes, and enjoy diverse job classes.

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A Grandmaster

Joan, the great Master of all job class, and the Savior of humankind. The man that was successful in winning a hard battle and defeating the Demon Lord, saving the humankind which held their last defenses in the war to fight against the perils of evil and darkness.

Creating peace after he made the forces of evil retreat. With them retreating, the demons suffered great casualties and were forced to gather more of their forces again.

Many years after the war, he guided countless new Heroes to defend the kingdom, however, despite all his grand achievements, he was a hermit and couldn't create a family that would inherit his legacy.

Having been told, Joan devoted his life to train new generations to come. His hair turned white and his wisdom was at its peak.

Earning the title of the Sage of the Kingdom. Learning all the job classes he has yet to know and keeping watch in his tower and the kingdom with his spell to keep the dark forces at bay.

Joan was exhausting himself to maintain the spell day and night without rest. A grand spell only he was capable of, and other Mages could only maintain it within minutes.

After many years has passed, he was already a hundred years old and was on his last days. Joan was on his bed and his strength was fading as he mustered his remaining effort. Barely able to lift his hands on the process.

Resting in a King-size bed with red curtains felt lonely and dull as he was solitary in his room. Making him count the stars at night and the birds flying by during day.

Golden picture frames of his image and the images of the Heroes he nurtured till that day were what ornamented the walls of his tower.

Adding to his pain were the regrets he had that haunt him over and over, his heart repeatedly being crushed by his self-pity and tears welling up on his eyes.

The souls of the ones whom he failed to rescue were haunting him day and night. Not wanting him to sleep as nightmares assaulted him in his peaceful sleep, reminding him of the pain and agony they felt before succumbing to a bitter death.

It was caused by the effects of [Soul eater] that was getting worse as his days were getting on the ends of its existence.

He felt that his day of departing this world was at hand, so he prepared for it while he was still breathing.

As his last wish, he requested the heroes to see them in his last moments. Commanding his butler, he went on his way to find them.

It was when the eve of the war that he felt ill. He waited for them to come day after day, and yet there were no signs of them coming.

Thinking of his shortcomings on them and the ones whom he can't save, Joan can feel his heart crumble as his eyes shed tears that he can't control.

While Joan couldn't help but have many regrets in his life while thinking of it. Time passed by and his soul felt weary as the hours of waiting for the heroes he longed to meet once again exhausted both his patience and strength.

Awaiting until he became more and more weary, until he couldn't stand up for a while. Locked up on this tower, Joan saw that the heroes were in another war, hearing and seeing the battle and bloodshed with the use of his [Clairvoyance].

He saw that they won the war, and the Heroes, upon hearing their master's wish of seeing them once again, hurried to see him as fast as they could.

In the past, he met those boys on his travel as a Sage and nurtured them until they become heroes.

Their Mage cast [Teleportation] on themselves and went to the door of the tower just outside his room.

Immediately, the door to his room opened and old Joan saw that heroes has arrived. From his bed, he could clearly see the faces of his eleven students, ones that were once so young and full of energy now became the strongest heroes of humankind, thinking about the past they've been through, he began to be emotional.

"I am sorry master for we are late. We were at war with the some of the Demon army and we won! Now master, please get well soon," said the Holy Knight who knelt down on one knee and kissed his hands.

"Child, no one is exempted to death. Even I will not last for a thousand years. Our body is designed to get old and become fragile. You know that" Joan said to him with an old voice.

"I know...I know," said the Holy Knight.

"Young Frank, please guide your team on the rest of the way. I can't be with you for long. As you travel in this life, you will find it difficult and perhaps even struggle with it. But don't forget that you have your friends with you" said Joan.

"But we could cast [Rebirth] to you right?" said their Mage Baggus.

"Even though both you and I can cast [Rebirth] to me, I will still perish, the powerful curse that the Demon Lord casted upon me is stronger than magic. Once one casts [Rebirth] to me, the curse will be triggered and will kill me immediately. I can feel that the curse has slow effects, however, little by little it is eating away my soul. I can only cast [Soul transmigration] to myself and I will be sent to another world. This way, my soul will be purified and will continue the cycle of life. This is the last time we will meet and at last, I can say goodbye to you all," Joan said to them.

The other Heroes were starting to cry, and they can't help themselves to feel saddened, seeing their master ready to bid them his final farewell and letting them take on the world without his presence, yet they were also at ease, knowing that Joan will live on, not on the world they live in, but in another.

"Before saying goodbye. I will give my last message to you all. Mistiban, you are the bravest in your company. I hope you become the greatest support on your team. Do not be a coward when you are needed the most. You are the most reckless after all, haha. Make sure to keep your temper at all times," Joan said to him.

"Yes master, I will not be hot-headed and make sure this temper will protect the weak. Anger is my power! Haha" Mistiban scratched his head, hiding the tears slowly welling up in his eyes.

"Shin, you are the kindest in your team. I hope you will not be timid in battle with your inferiority complex. Haha, despite it all. You are still one of the fastest. Make use of your Ronin blood and be the best version of yourself," Joan said in a low voice.

"Yes master, I will make sure that I will not be a coward. I will surely not disappoint you," Shin said then bowed, a bow of honor, dignity, and pride, all dedicated to the last words of his master.

"Arthras, you are a tough guy. Not because of your Paladin job but of your personality. You rarely showed weakness and shed a tear. Despite it, I saw you hiding when you cry. It is a sign that you are strong. I am grateful to have you as my student," Joan said to him then coughed.

"Yes master, I am feeling the same. I will treasure all of our adventures in my heart, and I am glad we met you as our master," Arthras said to him, he knelt and placed his right hand formed into a fist in his chest as a sign of respect and loyalty.

"Snap, you are the most shy among others. You rarely showed how strong you are, but I know that you didn't like to unleash every strength you have on each enemy. You tend to pity your enemies even though you know well that they will hurt you. When you give your all, the enemies will pop like a balloon if you do so. Haha," Joan laughed low.

"I will do my best master from this day forth. I hope you too master," Snap said then bowed as he showed a jolly grin in his face, fighting back the sad emotion he's feeling deep inside.

"Hahaha, I will my dear Snap. You give me a challenge and I will keep it in mind," Joan said then winked at him. They all laughed bitterly.

"Baggus, I know you are the greatest Mage in this kingdom, and you protected your comrades well. I am happy that you grew into a great man. I am proud of you. Well, you still need to eat more rice to reach my level. Haha, I hope you are happy together with your comrades. They treated you like brothers, so you treat them like one too," Joan coughed twice.

"I am treating them like one master, it's just that they are sometimes cold to me," Baggus said while shedding a tear.

"You all will be having more trials, so be kind to each other. I hope you all treat yourselves like brothers," Joan said to them.

"Deathbane, you are the most timid one in the team. Despite it, you are still voicing out your feelings. Despite being shy, you are slowly shedding your shell and is getting along with your comrades. It is nice to know you have grown and conquered your fears," Joan said to him.

"I am grateful too of your guidance master. I am what I am because of you," Deathbane said to him, voice full of courage yet still cracked with pain, then bowed.

"Splinter, you are a coward in battle, but you showed that you are something not to be trifled with. Making your enemies mistake you for being weak. That is a nice strategy though but always be careful. You are the scout of the team. The same with Maldor, you are one of the ranged job classes of the team. Make sure you are also responsible for the team's welfare," Joan said to the two of them.

"We will not disappoint you, master!" Maldor said loud and clear, placing his arms in Splinter's shoulders.

"Yeah! Disappointment will be the last thing we will do!" Said Splinter.

"Hahaha good! Now Saber and Branmoor, you two tend to fight with your strength, not with your head. Both quarrelling who was the best among you two. I say you have the strengths that made you unique from each other. Become stronger than before, all of you should surpass me as I am cursed. I know all of you can do it," Joan then coughed a bit.

"We will try master, but it is hard for us. Maybe if you are not cursed, then it will not be hard for you," Saber said to him.

"Haha, that is reassuring. And now Frank, being the leader you should always be the strongest physically, emotionally, and, mentally. The team will be passed on to you and is now in your hands. Please take care of them for me," Joan then breathed deep.

"I will master, I will. Please make sure not to forget us when you leave," Joan said to him while holding his hands.

"We will miss you, master! Take care on your journey," said Shin.

"Hah! I am a tough guy! Who do you think I am! Cough cough!" said Joan who later went coughing.

They loosened up a bit and they found comfort with his words.

"Upon our last request, can we have the honor to cast [Soul transmigration] ourselves?" asked Frank.

"Sure! Help me with my sending off. I can at least see you all and be at peace." Joan said in a calm voice.

The eleven of them circled him and cast the spell. The bright light was emitted into the room and Joan stopped breathing.

He was smiling with tears in his eyes. After that, the heroes wept and announced that he was gone. The city wept for three days and three nights and at his funeral, the heroes led him to his grave.

The Kingdom's watcher and Sage were now gone and the spell that protects them from the dark forces has vanished.

It was then, the Heroes stood by his grave until it was noon, and the rain came pouring on them. A very saddening moment for the heroes and as well as the kingdom's citizens.

Many attended the funeral of the very own pillar they erected to remember Joan. The King also wept as he was his close friend and mentor. He was also his master when he was young.

The Kingdom wept but the Demons were celebrating, finally, the biggest hurdle for them is gone, wasting no time after Joan's death, the Demons attacked the kingdom on the same day.

It was then, the heroes went back to defend the realm but this time, there was no one in his tower to watch the Kingdom from above.

Even though they were saddened, they continued to fight for humanity, carrying their masters last advice with them and cherishing all his teachings as they grow with every battle. Vowing that they, the eleven heroes of humankind, will protect their kind and battle anything that harms their realm.

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