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I love this author. All his cultivation books are well thought out and have such cool and unique concepts to cultivation. Cultivation novels usually have an element of repetition, but not here. He refreshes us with new paths of cultivation and adds unique elements to make it more refreshing.


If you like intricate cultivation systems and cold MC's, this novel is most definitely for you. I had/have a lot of fun writing Ryu and GAB martial world and hope you have as much fun reading :)


50 plus chap and the author is still torturing the mc, one of the most boring novels so far. I'm skipping some and see if it changes, but so far, it's trash


250 chapters in Have to say the novel is unique for the a cultivation novel and that the author has put a good amount of thought into the plot for the story. The first 50 chapters are good but at the same time rough they serve a important part to the story but reading the perspective of a mc thats just getting abused the whole time did for me get a bit annoying and felt like it was going on for to long. after that for around 100 chapters story was pretty good and can say I enjoyed what I read, But as I started closer to around the 200 chapter mark I started disliking things with the plot more and more having to do with the mc. Mc cultivation progress is moving at a snails pace, he keeps getting stronger with being able to cross more realms to fight others but his actual cultivation grade hardly changes. He starts training in multiple area's before really ever mastering what he was already working on specially when he decideds to train in very unconventional paths like duel weilding spears, halberts and glaives. Took the mc hundreds of years to fully accept his relationship with his first wife. He acts coldly to someone that tells him they have been waiting for him for hundreds of millions of years and that you are there life partner. But yet he sits in the wrong seat in hall and suddenly decides he needs to take responsibility for a girl just a chapter earlier he was deciding on to take revenge on there clan or not like tf? Also author if you see this you should add a introduction chapter or in the summary of the novel explaining cultivation ranks I still don't know them. Saw comments about you saying just go to a wiki of rise rising and risen to see the stages in order but I couldn't find anything going over cultivation ranks,there was hardly any information posted on the wiki.


I have read upto chapter 265. I can honestly say i got tired of keeping track of his cultivation issues. MC has 4 bloodlines, three kinds of power system, uses multiple type of weapons (which also needs individual cultivation for each). That in itself is already a handful but, you are still trying to make him do other kinds of cultivation. while still keeping his power realms the same even though he can fight people with levels way above him. To top it all off you introduced the MC as someone very smart like being able to figure out peoples motives, playing with people or finding out clues to lost and forgotten realms/ruins from folklore. BUT he keeps making mistakes that are common sense. his accumulated age is more than a thousand years Sir author, I can tell you have thought alot about this novel given how detailed it is and how you try to explain everything. But its getting too toxic.


This work is yet another amazing novel of Awe's and it shows. This novel is as exciting and enticing as his other novels, maybe even more so. The writing is fluid, easy to understand and extremely vivid, each scene or fight is very well defined and it's pace is not too fast, nor too slow. The story development is arguably slow, but there is no moment in which you will be bored with just fillers. The character design is good, the author perfectly describes the feeling and emotional state the MC goes through, making it easy to relate. As for the other characters, they are also well defined, each with it's own personality and motivations. As for the world development and background, Awe didn't spent a lot of time on it, and it unfortunately shows, but to be frank the world building doesn't have to be excellent.


*Spoiler* Pathetic. I just want to vent, at first I enjoyed the story real good and thankful that I found this work. But now the story development became all about making the Ryu(MC) suffer. He suffered all kinds of pain, whether it's psychological, physical, emotional etc. and now the very reason he even committed suicide, that reason where his hope came from, why he gambled his life while not knowing if he'll be qualified with that Sky God Inheritance in his first life and several more who knows how many else he got. His effort was all for a naught because for the sake of story and characters development, nerfed–he became a cultivation cripple and as a bonus his edge on prized bone structure which boasted godly cultivation speed was thrashed to slow down. In the end, I'll never drop reading, maybe I was just fed up after binge reading his continuous suffering. Aside from that, I'll recommend you to read this and following his suffering too.


I'm disappointed. I Read until Chapter 165 but become so bored of the story developed... There were few Dialogue and so slowwww🙄 I like the story lbut this is not my Cup of tea. . . . ? ... .. . .. .F. .. D. D D. D. .d. D


The “challenges” of the MC are a bit forced and the authors writing style info dumps loads of paragraphs that if you skip them, will mostly not affect your reading of the story.


Intricacy is nice for a few chapters but taking the entire free period to impress an idea is too much. Huge potential for story acceleration but I just can't, with a clear mind, gamble on this tortoise speed storyline.


WARNING: check the other reviews and see if this novel is made for you. You will either enjoy it or hate it~


Story is pretty solid and has potential but pacing is abysmal. Story drags way too much and mc progresses very slowly. Way too much filler rubbish that can be condensed. Feels like a slog way too often


story is good and all but the fact that the MC has to f**** every girl that takes a liking to him is kinda a turn off for me and not just a one night stand but he has to make them his wives?? IDK it's kinda too much for a guy who says all he says about his real wife


In my opinion, like all of this authors works, the MC is tortured to oblivion. Progression is fine if there was ever a point, and normally the point is to achieve victory or a good climax otherwise known as "Face Slapping". But this is just borderline plain masochism. There is no pleasure in reading this novel so far. Just livid darkness. Sometimes, painful and frustrating events are tolerable to read in novels like this if the conclusion of an arc is satisfying enough. But as with this authors other books so far, this one is the same. It fails so miserably to give you that moment of victory. TLDR: A depressing waste of time.


I just read to about 200 chapters but I can't continue, I tried, but the pace is so slow, his cultivation is so low, yes, he can fight people way above his level but I dunno, it just isn't for me. Author did a great job with the writing though, I especially love the first few chapters, they got me hooked!


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a good story with an extremely nice and intelligent mc - book started with an interesting emotional and philosophical load, but the tournament part was disappointing without any logic, boring and useless - after good chapters , I was eager to read the revenge ... there came the tournament which was a cold water bath, added in nothing and made me lose the will to read . But it's a very good read, you can enjoy before the part of the tournament - in the tournament the story decays, it's more to fill, if you jump does not lose anything, if you read you will disappoint and even stop reading. If you like the book, skip that part, it's useless and you won't miss anything.


C104 After so many months I finally found a cool webnovel. Unlike other novels, this deals with true feelings. First few chapters are lil bit confusing but later on, it goes good. give it a try by reading till vol1(33ch). The turning point of this novel is vol2. The story pace is slow but not boring. I wonder why this isn't it popular. It deserves better than most trash in webnovel. Author more chapters pls, good work.