Grand Ancestral Bloodlines

A Sky God’s Spiritual Foundation. It was the greatest natural treasure in all of existence, but the sacrifices one must make to gain the approval of such an entity was unimaginable. Ryu is a genius amongst geniuses. He was born with the four Grand Ancestral Bloodlines. The Lightning Qilin. The Fire Dragon. The Ice Phoenix. The Fire Phoenix… He was blessed with an Ancestral Grade Bone Structure and Ancestral Grade Meridians. The Ice Jade Crystal Bones. The Chaotic Silk Meridians… He was bestowed the First Ranked Heavenly Pupils. The Mysteries of Heaven and Earth Pupils… However, none of it mattered. Born with a False Spiritual Foundation, it seemed that all of his talent would go to waste. Unless… Unless he was willing to grasp his Fate in his own hands. ==== **This novel once went by another name 'Rise. Rising. Risen.' So, the wiki is still under this name https://rise-rising-risen.fandom.com/wiki/Ryu_Tatsuya

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1886 Chs

Beyond Perfect Extreme

Ryu was almost shocked into silence.

If there was one thing that was the same between Sacrum and the True Martial World, it was the sizes of Spiritual Foundations. Half a meter for Common Grade, one meter for Black Grade, two meters for Earth Grade, three meters for the Earth Grade, up to five meters for the Ancestral Grade, and then finally doubling to ten meters for the Origin Grade.

In a rare instance, for Spiritual Foundations of the True Martial World, all those above the Ancestral Grade shared the exact same size, however this wasn't to say that they were all of the same strength. The differences came from the strength of these Spiritual Foundations and their special abilities, special abilities that would begin to manifest themselves in the Dao Pedestal Realm.