Graceful Disaster Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Graceful Disaster


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Out of 9 foster family, it is the 4th one that turns out to be abusive. So, she is going to do what she is best at doing. She will run away. But this time, 15 years old Grace, bounce back to the city from where it all started. But the city have some secrets and surprises that she isn't ready for. What happens when some very rich family adopts her because of her name, which reminds them someone very dear to them. As time goes, secret starts to unfold. Secrets that reveals connection, that she is unable to accept and she won't accept. And she will do the only thing she is best at - 'Run' But running away seems difficult this time, as her foster guardian aka foster brothers are very sure to never let their precious little princess go away from them, again. But, are they really her foster brothers?? And what happens when a boy with a charming smile bumps with her to change her and her life completely? What would be her reaction when she will find out about the intention behind those charming smile? An intention to hurt her family, an intention to hurt her. An intention to take revenge behalf of his sister.. Hurt, betrayal, revenge, secrets.. also a little bit of happiness, care and love. That is her life. Her journey.. But Grace is sure that her journey after adoption is going to be a disaster but she promises to make it graceful.


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