Chapter 64: Spirit Executor's Badge

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Qin Lang's closed-door training plan could not be carried out smoothly.

All thanks to a certain adolescent.

On the second day of the closed-door training, Qin Lang, who was pondering over ten ingredients on the table about how to match them, received a call from Zhao Chen.

A while ago, unable to resist Qi Xiaoyu's enthusiasm, he exchanged numbers with the trio.

But before this call, they had not contacted each other by phone.

On the other end of the phone, Zhao Chen mysteriously mentioned that there was something important to tell Qin Lang, and asked him to come out.

After considering it, Qin Lang decided to go and see, in a way to clear his mind.

Because he was having trouble deciding what dish to choose for the elimination competition.

If it's just about making a decent dish, with Qin Lang's cooking experience, it's possible using ingredients from Food Chest No.97.

But as this is a decisive elimination competition, Qin Lang didn't dare to slack off.