Chapter 56: The Opening of the Cooking Contest

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The city-level cooking competition, set to begin three months later, has not only captured the hearts of all the spiritual chefs in Dongxia City, but also garnered the attention of ordinary people not involved in the culinary world.

Due to the peculiarity of Food Spirits, people in this world pay great attention to everything related to Spirit Chefs.

Jobs that are popular among the public, such as celebrities and internet celebrities, are naturally favored by Spirit Chefs.

Watching various competitions involving Spirit Chefs has become a popular form of recreation for ordinary people in the Food Spirit World, and the related industries are all thriving.

Thousands of tickets to watch the event on-site were sold out in just an hour after being released. Those who were unable to get the tickets sighed in despair and had to settle for watching the live broadcast of the competition.

The theme for the first round of scoring competition that had been announced was also hotly debated.