Chapter 41: The Champion from the Neighboring City

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"Uncle, which of their dishes do you find more delicious?"

Outside the kitchen, Fu Guan curiously glanced at the closed kitchen doors on either side and asked.

"How should I know?" Fu Hang rolled his eyes, "I'm not too familiar with either of their cooking skills, but I assume neither are bad, so I'm letting them both go through a test."

"As for the specifics, I have to taste their food to find out." he said, crossing his arms and leaning against the side of the table, anticipation gleaming in his eyes.

"Uncle, can I taste the food with you later?" Fu Guan swallowed his saliva, unable to help himself, "It's already lunch time..."

"Huh! You little rascal." Fu Hang took a amused glance at his nephew, "If there's any leftover, you can taste it, but don't interfere with my tasting."

"Of course!" Hearing his uncle's consent, Fu Guan immediately rejoiced and nodded eagerly.

"By the way, what are you here for today?" Fu Hang asked.