Chapter 40: Qin Lang's Choice

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"No problem!"

After hearing Fu Hang's test requirement, Tang Xie responded excitedly before striding towards the ingredient storage room.

This kind of test that only specifies the main ingredient and allows room for creativity was too simple for him, who had prepared several beef tenderloin dishes in advance.

In just a moment, he knew which one to choose.

Although he didn't know Qin Lang's abilities, he would go all out just as he would in any fight.

He would choose the most challenging dish among those planned!

With his strongest skills, he would smoothly obtain the Teng Niu Badge!

Opening the door to the ingredient storage room, seeing all the various supplementary ingredients, Tang Xie turned to glance at Qin Lang who was still standing in place.

Why wasn't he coming?

Forget it, forget about him!

The early bird gets the worm!

Meanwhile, Qin Lang was still standing in his original position.