Chapter 37 Egg Yolk Crisp

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With a soft sound of the door opening, Lang Qin and Dan Bao, who had been busy all day, returned home.

In Qin Lang's hand were various ingredients bought from the store downstairs, ready to be used to make egg yolk crisps.


Showed Dan Bao, not a trace of tiredness, energetically flying towards the kitchen first.

"Wait for me!" Qin Lang closed the door with a smile and followed suit.

Soon, a man and a spirit appeared in the kitchen.

Seeing Qin Lang take out a bag of salted egg yolks from the shopping bag, Dan Bao squinted its eyes eagerly.

It's starting!

"Luckily the store sells salted egg yolks, otherwise we'd have to start from making salted duck eggs and we wouldn't have anything to eat tonight." Qin Lang spoke with a bit of relief, then placed the salted egg yolks in a small bowl and soaked them in Baijiu.

The salted egg yolk has a fishy taste, and soaking it in Baijiu can make the final taste of the egg yolk crisp more perfect.