Chapter 32: Desserts Made from Lard

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What dessert will make Su Zhi happy?

Qin Lang blinked his eyes and then turned his head to look at Su Zhi who was beside him.

Apparently, this test question was riddled with uncertainty.

The evaluation she made after tasting the Daisy Ripple Cake last night was evident - she was very picky about desserts.

After finding out Song Hui's identity, Qin Lang somehow understood Su Zhi's performance yesterday.

The question was, what kind of dessert could possibly make a little girl like her happy?

"Can I ask Su Zhi what kind of dessert she would like first?" Qin Lang asked cautiously.

"You can." Song Hui nodded.

"Su Zhi, what kind of dessert do you like? I'll make it for you." Qin Lang slightly bent over and asked her closely.

"Well..." Su Zhi knew that the more detailed she was, the more it would help Brother Qin Lang. After thinking for a moment, she said, "I like desserts that are crisp, have a strong aroma, and if it's exquisite and good-looking, that would be even better."